Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ten Best Ghazals of Pankaj Udhas

Panku is one of my best childhood friends. He is a totally carefree & cheerful personality with a smart outlook and 6’1” height. He always topped in school and college and never got involved with any girl during studies. But he developed a bad habit of drinking occasionally when he was in first year in college. Oh ya, I forgot to tell, Panku has a sweet, melodious gifted voice. 

He usually would sing:
ab to insaan ko insaan banaya jaye ya koi aur hi bhagwan banaya jaye log chup chup ke yahan roz bika karte hain kiska insaaf yahan kis se karaya jaye One day he invited me to his farmhouse in the outskirts of Delhi for a cocktail party. We were around 18 persons and had plenty of bottles in stocks. But by 12 midnight, we were left with only a couple of bottles. 

Panku started singing- sakht tauba thi kitne tode jaam shaam e gham thi bhali ke jaude jaam Every one was so involved in his melodious voice that no one noticed a beautiful sweet girl walking in the party who got attracted by Panku’s voice. Panku finished the song, and the girl went to him introducing herself as Shabbo. She has come from Banaras to attend her Cousin’s marriage in the nearby farm house. Panku gets so attracted  towards Shabbo and could not refuse to her request for another ghazal. 

He started singing: Chandi jaisa rang hai tera, sone jaise baal ek tu hi dhanwan hai gori, baki sab kangal All the time while singing he could not take his eyes away from Shabbo’s face. And same was the case with Shabbo. It was 3AM and Shabbo told Panku that she will have to go back to the marriage now. She told Panku that she has shifted to Delhi at her cousin’s house to prepare for her medical entrance exams next year. By chance her uncle’s house was near to Panku’s father’s factory. Panku started roaming around her house in the evening but could not dare to talk to her except hi, hello. 5 days after, he met her in the market and started singing: “Kaise keh doon ke mulaqat nahi hoti hai roz milte hain magar baat nahi hoti hai jab bhi milte hain to kehte hain ke kaise hain huzoor iske aage to koi baat nahi hoti hai Shabbo invited Panku to a nearby park next evening. She requested him to sing something for her. 

Panku sang: ghata ko zulf likhna shaakh ko angdaiyan likhna har ek mausam ko uske husn ki parchaiyan likhna And while singing he just held her hand. 

She requested for another one and he started: aap jinke kareeb hote hain vo bade khushnaseeb hote hain Then for next 20 days Panku did not find Shabbo outside her house in the evenings at the time he used to see her. But he did not give up. 

Next day he found her in a very fashionable & modern dress and started singing: niklo na benaqaab zamana kharab hai aur uspe ye shabab zaman kharab hai She called him near to her and handed her a folded paper. She was very sad and told him to read it afterwards. He read it later and found that she is going back tomorrow to her parent’s house in Banaras and before going would like to meet him at the airport. They met and she told him not to loose hope, she will be back soon. But Panku was smart enough to guess that there was something wrong the way things happened.

He sang: todna tute hue dil ka bura hota hai jiska koi nahi hota hai khuda hota hai kyun munir (Panku in this case) apni tabahi ka ye kaisa shikwa jitna taqdeer mein likha ho adaa hota hai She went never to come back. He came to know later that she is getting married. She sent him an invitation. He went to attend, she introduced him as her “very good singer” friend” and hence everyone there requested for something from him. 

He sang: vo ladki bahut yaad aati hai vo ladki bahut yaad aati hai<.b> After this incidence Panku left India and got settled in US. People think that he has gone there for money but I know the real reason which he never told to anybody. Yesterday had a talk with Panku over the phone and got to know that he got an e-mail from Shabbo for the first time after her marriage that she has got very rich husband but does not love her much. I could guess Panku would be singing: chithi aai hai watan se chithi aai hai bade dino ke baad, ham hamwatnon ko yaad watan ki mitti aai hai

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