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Songs Review: Naksha: ~~~All~ the~ Ladies~ and~ the~ Men~ Shake~~~

Naksha - released in 1st Week of September 2006

CastSunny Deol, Vivek Oberoi, Sameera Reddy, Jackie Shroff

Music Director/ComposerPritam

Other movies in which Pritam is a music composer: Gangster, and Pyaar ke side effects

1. Shake it: voices: Suzzane D Mello, Kailash Kher, Indee
A mix of punabi folk and pop song, can be used as a dance number.
Voice Kher:8/10
Voice Suzzane: 4/10
Lyrics: 6/10

2. Yaara Ve: voice: Abhishek Nailwal (I didn't know any singer by this name before listening to this number)
Again a good use of Dhol and Acoustic Guitar. But seems signer is shouting and making a huge effort to bring out what he wants to sing. or at times i felt he needs "Strepsils" to clear off his throat. This is a title song but voice performance is not at par.

Musafir hum to hain dil ke, diwane yaar manzil ke
  muhabbat ki panahon mein chalein hain dhoondhne mil ke

Lyrics: 2/10
Voice: 2/10
Music: 4/10

3. Lets Do Balle Balle: voices: Labh Janjua, Rana Mazumdar
Again I don't know these singers, listening to these voices for the first time. But the song is sung beautifully in rhythm with the music. It is a high tone and fast music song.

Lyrics: 6/10
Music: 7/10
Voices: 7/10

4. Jat Yamla: voices: Sonu Nigam, Shreya Ghoshal
Mein hoon bada albela, hazaron mein akela, zamana kahe mujhe pagla
  kehna ye kisis ka na maane,
  Main taan yaara deewana tera jat Yamla

Fast song once again, I think it is because of Sunny Deol that composers and lyrics have never been able to do justify and gel with each other. Sonu tries his best to give his best. Shreya is a good combo with Sonu (Berger with Coke).

Music: 6/10
Lyrics: 7/10
Voice: Sonu: 8/10
Voice: Shreya: 6/10

5. Nasha: voice: Alisha Chenoy
Alisha has a hypnotic and seductive voice, rather she pretends to pull it out of her throat like that, tries to make it more sexy. Music is mast mast. Voice gels perfectly with music and lyrics.

Music: 7.5/10
Lyrics: 7/10
Voice: 7/10

6. U & I: voices: Pritam, Kay Kay
      Meri meri meri heer, ban gayi meri taqdeer
Dil se mile dil …
U & I lets do Balle Balle

    Fast number + Dhol + Pop Touch (not Popcorn folks, Pop Angrezi music wala). By now I am almost convinced that I am listening to some Punjabi Pop Channel (except Alisha number). You will definitely like this number if you like Punjabi Music. Seems that this number will run with a wider range - in cars, parties, discos, Karaoke etc.
Music: 7/10
Lyrics: 4/10
Voice: 6/10

7. Shake It (II): voices: Suzzane D Mello, Kailash Kher, IndeeFaster than the Shake It (I), rest all is same. Same voices, Same Music, Same Lyrics. I feel voice of Suzzane does not gel well with the Dhol music and Lyrics, appears a bit artificial Punjabi when she sings. Her voice is not soothing, but a bit provocative. Kailash Kher;s voice looks more natural with the lyrics and music

Voice: Kher:8/10
Voice: Suzzane: 4/10
Lyrics: 6/10

8. Yaara Ve: voice: Abhiskeh Nailwal, Kailash Kher
Fast number and remix of above Yaara Ve.  Abhishek's voice is a bit soothing than Yaara Ve above, but only at some places, rest everywhere he seems to be shouting with a soar throat.

Music: 4/10
Lyrics: 3/10
Voice: 3/10

9. Jat Yamla: voices: Sonu Nigam, Shreya GhoshalFaster than the earlier Jat Yamla. It is a remix. Sonu is Sonu, he tries not to sing as Sonu but as the character who is going to sing and situation. That always justifies what he sings and produces the best in any situation. I enjoyed this number more than original Jat Yamla. May be Sonu has sung this more with heart. Shreya has a little participation.
10.  Shake Shake: voice: Indee
All the Ladies and the Men Shake. Yes, All can shake on this song... as the way you like...
  Music: 8/10
Lyrics: 5/10
Voice: 6/10

11. U & I remix: voice: Sonu Nigam
The best of the album. Sonu has put his throat, heart... everything in this number. Really mast number, play it, dance on it, or close your eyes and enjoy it. Definitely will put your feet tapping. A bit loud one but then .... it is the demand of  Sunny Paji!!!

Music: 7/10
Lyrics: 4/10
Voice: 6/10

Overall Rating: Music: 5/10
Lyrics: 5/10
Voices 5/10

Its all Fifty Fifty

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