Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Movie Review: Parineeta: Story Of Love, Understanding And Misunderstanding

Songs : Beautiful

Acting : Marvelous (Lolita, Shekhar and Girish all of them) 

Storyline: Based on a famous novel with the same name 

Direction: Superb 

Continuity : You don't get bored even for a minute. 

Rating : Must see for all 

Parineeta means a married women. Story is about 3 main characters. two men and a woman. men - Shekhar (Saif Ali Khan) and Girish (Sanjay Dutt). woman and the centre of the theme - Lolita (Vidya Balan). The story is about character, belief, trust and attitude. Lolita lives next door to Shekhar. Shekhar's father is very rich and greedy. Lolita's father has taken a big amount of loan from Shekhar's father in lieu of which Shekhar's father wants to grab the house of Lolita.

This is one side. Shekhar has an intimacy towards Lolita.  For a marriage in the neighborhood, Lolita comes to Shekhar's house to take him there. Shekhar puts a chain in her neck. This is so auspicious day that any man if puts a chain (treated as mangalsutra) in a woman's neck becomes her husband. So lolita becomes PARINEETA right at that moment. and she surrenders herself to Shekhar. 

Shekhar who is not too brave to tell his family that he has married Lolita, Shekhar who knows his family will not accept Lolita (specially his father, who has to sell his marriageable son), Shekhar who is shown as a bit supressed character , that Shekhar who could not do all that could accepts Lolita as his wife and they have sex. (Saif has matured in acting a lot!) 

Then comes the real gutsy character Girish from London. a very rich man. (Sanjay Dutt has started showing his age now). Lolita is shown as such a character that anyone will love her. So Girish also starts loving her. Girish clears off all the loan of Lolita's father and Shekhar's father's dreams of acquiring that house get shattered. Lolita had gone to Shekhar's house to take money from him but could not talk to her as he was pulled away by his father. Shekhar's father blames Lolita that Lolita has sold herself to Girish to take money from him for clearing off loan. Lolita's father gets shocked and seriously ill. Girish takes the whole family out of india to get him treated in a good hospital. 

Shekhar also misunderstands all this and takes Lolita wrong. Then a news comes to Shekhar that Girish has married Lolita. After marriage they are coming to their house back. And there spurs the character of Girish and mystery opens up. Girish, who loved Lolita and wanted to marry her married her sister instead because Lolita was already a PARINEETA of Shekhar. Lolita was not sure if she will live with Shekhar or not. but she had taken herself as his wife for lifelong. Girish's love and respect was supreme. Lolita's respect for the relation she had with Shekhar was supreme. And the misunderstanding and doubt of Shekhar that Lolita is a lost character was supreme. 

Now when Shekhar comes to know that Lolita has sacrificed herself only just because of him, he goes against his father and with the support of his mother brings lolita to her house as his PARINEETA.

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