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1. This review should not be treated as a manual for “how to operate”.  If by chance you become expert on just by reading this review, no claims shall be made by the management of or YOU.
2. If you encounter any accident related to high/low volume, unclear lyrics, or if you find this site so good that you start devoting your time more to your new girl friend or boyfriend ( and stop giving your usual time to your wife or husband ( (sorry!!! Faisal) – REVIEWER, BY NO MEANS SHOULD BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS…
3. You are requested to open another browser and load  to enjoy the real time, virtual, on-line tour to Drive your vehicle as suggested in the review.
4. At any moment of time during your drive, when you feel you are reaching nowhere or destination appears too far, take a U-Turn and rush back for the place from where you started.

Aao Huzur tumko sitaron mein le chalein, dil jhoom jaaye aisi baharon mein le chalein. I bet that you go there and you get stuck to it.

Home Page:
Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam
You have an option to select the language of your choice from Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam. I select Hindi always since I don't know any of these other three languages.

What all is available:
You click on Hindi and the page that opens appears like some door opens with lot of jewels and diamonds - eyes get widened - khul ja sim sim...

Following section appears there -
1. Top 10 Countdown
2. Compilations
3. New @ Raaga
4. Pop/Bhangra/Remix/Ghazals
5. Chartbusters 2005
6. Devotional Downloads - Krishna Jayanti Special

Each of these boxes contain hot links on which you can click and take flight to your destinations. There are non-stop flights and hopping flights, only you have to decide how you want to reach (and where ofcourse).

You have a choice of large varieties of salads!!! I mean, there are options to select among Actors, Actresses, Singers, Music Directors, Various Artists. The choice you select will list you almost all the current, non-current artists in that category. Now you have to click on the hot link of your choice. No, no... plz sprinkle some pepper and salt on your salad... and what about some chutney and sauce... You click on Actors and you get a long range of Actors in an alphabetical order... Aamir Khan, Abhishek Bachan, Ajay Devgan, Akshay Kumar...........
Then you have an option of various soups: Movie Index, New Releases, New@Raaga, Top 10, Lyrics. You click on Movie Index, you get the name of the movies alphabetically… I hope you have enough varieties of soups to order from. I am sure all soups are mouth watering and good appetizers. Just a reminder, to understand the cooking style of each of the recipe here, you need to click on Lyrics and then click on the item of your choice.
Next is your choice of cocktails and mocktails: Pop Albums, Remix, Bhangra, Ghazals, Love Songs, Compilations. No need to explain, by now you know what you want and how much. Don’t drink too much… and did you notice the warning on the label of the bottle you ordered. Oh… you ordered only mocktails…
The main course: by now you know what all is to be ordered for main course. I think you are still confused as either you have just read this review but never visited the site, else you are visiting it for the first time. Ok, no problems, I will help you. For main course… I clicked on Ghazals à Madhushala by Manna Dey à got a list of 19 tracks à ticked all by clicking on “Select All” (you have the option of selecting few manually) à clicked on “Play Selected” (sorry before this I just plugged in my headphone – both the ends ofcourse) à RAAGA JUKEBOX comes alive as a new small window –( looks cute to me with all the information about Song, Artist, Music Album) Rating à and the music starts.

Did I tell you, if you don’t have a steering in your car and you started driving no no, striving for the steering. I mean, this site songs run on real player, and if you don’t have it, you have a visible sign board here on every page by clicking on which you can download Real Player and enjoy your drive… oh I mean the music…
I forgot to tell one thing … errrr… three things…err five things... (thanks to Vinayak! but how does he know that i messed up even in the second attemp is still a secret!)
1. You can assign your own ratings to any of the songs
2. Every time you click on “Play selected”, it takes 30 seconds to open and initialize the RAAGA JUKEBOX, then for another 25 second you have to bear a Citibank Ad and then starts your journey for main course. (But who said that the complimentary Papads with your Order have to be finished… you can leave them if you don’t like…)
3. You can create your own “MY RAAGA PLAYLISTS” as many as you want. In one playlist you can add 15 songs.
4. There is a button called “Non Stop Channels”. This is an ocean… explore it. Really good…
5. There is another link called “Image Gallery” which redirects you to another site called in an new browser.

Some green patches in the desert (or I said wrongly vice versa):
1. Sometimes you will like to listen to a song or collection of songs and you will get an error of older version of real player and you have no other option than clicking on the wittingly smiling “OK” in front of you. Don’t worry… no need to take “U” turn, just select another bunch of songs, or click on the same choice “Play selected” for some time again and again (I mean repeat the cycle for 4-5 times…), it may start playing…

2. Don’t worry if sometimes “MY PLAYLIST” doesn’t work… you have huge variety buddy… don’t worry, don’t panic… enjoy… enjoy… enjoy.
A message at the bottom of the site:” is an officially licensed IPRS website.” IPRS I know, please raise your hands who don’t know what IPRS is… err Sorry again… don’t raise now… concentrate on your driving…
IPRS = The Indian Performing Right Society Limited is a Company Limited by Guarantee and Registered under the Companies Act ,1956. It is a Non-Profit Making Body. The Society is Registered as the Copyright Society under section 33 (3) of the Copyright Act, 1957 and is permitted to commence and carry on the Copyright Business in Musical Works and/or any words or any action intended to be sung, spoken or performed with the Music.
IPRS, now being the Registered Copyright Society in India for Musical Works, all Copyright Business in relation to Musical Works is to be administered and controlled by it. The Indian Copyright Act, 1957 permits only 1 Copyright Society in one class of works. Thus, IPRS is the Society for Musical Works.

Bye Bye

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