Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Movie Review: Maine Gandhi Ko Nahin Mara

Cast: Professor Uttam Chaudhary: Anupam Kher Trisha: Urmila Matondkar Ronu: Rajat Kapoor Doctor: Praveen Dabas Lawyer: Boman Irani Producer: Anupam Kher Director: Janu Barua

Who should watch this movie: if you like anupam kher in serious roles with depth if you like urmila in non dancing roles if you like serious stuff if you are a human being if you like movies like Saraansh / Adharshila

My views: This movie like Munna Bhai MBBS is going to be kept in medical colleges worldwide to show it to the students for marking examples of unorthodox methods of treating patients. These movies will guide them to treat their patients where routine treatments taught to them in colleges fail and medicines too fail, then a new factor comes into the picture and that is human touch. A touch that is so simple and common but still so complicated and rare to find. 

We have it in us, every one of us have it, but sometimes we make ourselves too complicated to find it out in ourselves. There were instances in the movie when Urmila’s younger brother tries to tell her that their father should be sent to mental asylum as he has gone mentally unbalanced and Urmila shouts –“no he is not mad, he is our father”. And that’s it. That is the fire, that never dying attitude, that strong will power, that no compromise and total sacrifice thinking that drives you to achieve what is not achievable otherwise.

In a recent interview on some channel in TV Anupam Kher said – “I am proud to be the owner of this movie. This movie may not do well now, but will be remembered and watched in times to come.” I thought – perhaps some acts happen ahead of time and understood over years to come. This movie has only two characters – Anupam Kher i,e, Prof. Uttam Chaudhary and his daughter Trisha. 

Rest all were there just to fill the gap except the last scene of the movie. And there is one incidence, which created a fear in his subconscious mind and went inside his mind and slept there for so many years and woke up all of a sudden to haunt Prof. and started deteriorating his mental state. This incidence was like this – Uttam is just an 8-9 years child and is playing hitting target with his friends. Whosoever has the turn gets his eyes blindfolded and then they have to hit the balloons fixed on some picture. 

It was 30th January 1948 and morning time. Unfortunately the picture they found today on which balloons had to be fixed was of Mahatma Gandhi. And Uttam is perfect in hitting the targets. The boys have filled red color in the balloons. Uttam hits the target well and red water flows out of balloon on the picture. Same evening Mahatma Gandhi is killed by Nathu Ram Godse. Uttam gets beaten up by his father (who is a Gandhian) very badly and is hated by him afterwards because he is held responsible for the shooting of Mahatma Gandhi.. This movie has nothing to do with Gandhi ji except that one incidence. 

This is a film about what can happen to a human mind when he gets isolated and this happens involuntarily. The sub conscious mind starts overpowering conscious mind. If that happens it will take you from your current state, which is your reality to any state that is subsided in your subconscious mind. You may start feeling yourself a different identity, different age, altogether different.  And that is when somebody called your family’s role come. What stance they take, what they decide and how they behave & act at that time is very important. Trisha would have felt the same way her brother was feeling and would have sent her father to a mental asylum but no, she decided to fight over it and fight till end. She sacrificed her happiness, her marriage, and her fiancée but never gave up in front of the situation. She decided to manage it alone………

About the story: Prof. Uttam Chaudhary is living happily with his eligible young daughter, Trisha and younger son Addy. Trisha is working in an NGO, Prof. is retired but is well known for his abilities, knowledge, books he has written and his college time achievements. All is going well but slowly Prof. starts behaving differently. He starts deteriorating mentally and starts getting aggravated behavior at times. And that is when his daughter Trisha decides to what all she can do to get him well. At the end she finds a doctor who understands the case, finds out what is the cause of this state of Prof. and dares to adopt an unorthodox way to get Prof. out of this situation and set him well.

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