Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Race: ~~~2 chicks+2 dudes = RACE~~~

A child’s behavior bespeaks about his parents… and the same applies to a movie too… Abbas Mastan, the duo directors of this movie talks about money, sex, crime, crime and crime… 

Music by Pritam is fast and fits well in the story… trend today is hinglish lyrics…trend is to focus it more on y-generation of the country… and moreover it is easy to complete a song with a copied music plus patches of lyrics (original – english). 

Cast: Saif Ali Khan: Ranvir Singh Katrina Kaif: Sophia Bipasha Basu: Sonia Akshay Khanna: Rajiv Singh Anil Kapoor: RD (Robert D’Costa) Sameera Reddy: 

Mini Story: Movie is a suspense thriller with lots of twists and turns. It has more number of surprises than the number of songs. Ranvir and Rajiv are two brothers. The family is settled in South Africa with a huge business and properties in various towns of SA – cape town and Durban. 

Ranvir is elder of the two. He grows into a hard and successful businessman who is fond of betting on horse race. Infact he has his own large base of horses. He never likes any of his horse to lose in the race. Rajiv right from his childhood keeps on losing race (first cycle and then horse) from Ranvir and that hurts his ego and turns him into a distracted personality. He always keeps thinking how to win form Ranvir but everytime he tries, he loses. Although whatever Rajiv needs in life, Ranvir provides him… and that is what Rajiv does not like as Ranvir has always the upper hand that hurts Rajiv’s ego. 

Rajiv makes a big plan where he decides to murder Ranvir, and get 100,000 million dollars from insurance company Ranvir’s secy Sophia love him. Ranvir loves his friend Sophia. Rajiv falls in love with Sonia. Ranvir sacrifices Sonia for Rajiv, Rajiv marries Sonia and tells Sonia to seduce Ranvir for the purpose of getting 100,000 dollars. Sonia agrees and succeeds in seducing Ranvir. 

They both start meeting privately. Ranvir realises that this is not fair to sleep in bed with his younger brother’s wife and tells her not to meet him any further. On one weekend Ranvir has to go with Sophia to capetown to sell off one of his property. Rajiv plans to call Ranvir and tells him that he has come to know about his affair with his wife and thus he is deciding to jump down from their office building. Whereas the actual plan is that when Ranvir comes there to save Rajiv, Sonia will push Ranvir off from the top of the office building so that he dies. They both then will declare to police that he has died accidentally and thus will get 100,000 dollars. 

Sonia and Rajiv are able to kill Ranvir. Case goes to RD of police department. Mini is RD’s innocent secy. Sophia is able to prove to RD (police) that Ranvir had married to her in Capetown (one day before he died) and thus 100,000 goes to her. What happens next, How Rajiv gets 100,000, does he ditch Sonia or Sophia, Is RD able to get to the roots of this all, Ranvir is really dead or… to know all this… you need to watch this fast track movie. Some conclusions: 1. Abbas Mastan duo are fond of crime based themes (as they are indulged into it) 2. Movie is really fast and each moment gives you a new turn. Your imagination can’t hold with the pace of the movie 3. You can’t skip movie for even a second while watching… else you will skip a lot. 4. Even in the world of crime – ultimately good wins and evil gets punished 5. Acting wise Akshay, Anil Kapoor and above all Saif have done wonderful job. 6. shocking… that Katrina can act… 7. another shock… that Bipasha too can act even will least of expressions. Happy ending…

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