Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Movie Review: Chingari: Marvelous Effort by Sush

Storyline Story starts with a Dharmadhikari (Mithun Chakravorty) of a village sitting on a dead body and seating a naked woman on his lap, demonstrating that on one end he has the reality of life as death and on the other hand the naked woman is pulling him towards the enjoyment of life. 

Although movie depicts it is happening somewhere in a village of India, it looks shameful if it is still happening. This Dharmadhikari is living a dual life, on one hand he is a disciple of devi kali and on the other hand he is fond of enjoying with women to fulfills his sex hunger. He lives in a temple but does not mind in going to red light areas to sleep with sex workers. In a way he is ruling the village and does not like anybody raising voice against him, in that case he will not mind in killing or torturing anybody. 

There are a bunch of sex workers headed by Didi (Ila Arun) in the same village who earn their living by selling themselves. One of them is Sushmita Sen who has a daughter too. Mithun as and when feels comes, here and uses her and tortures her. A young Postman gets posted in the village who has to deliver letters and most of the time read for them also. This young man falls in love with Sush, and offer to marry her. She also agrees to get out of this hell for the sake of her daughter. Mithun does not like it and kills the postman. 

The end is quite revolutionary. Sush takes all the villagers along with her to the temple, they all kill the people (gang) of mithun. Sush turns to Kali and kills Mithun. Conclusion A short story by Bhupen Hazarika converted to a 18 reels movie (a good attempt) by a director having her 4th unsuccessful although good movie in a row. Marvelous acting done by Sush, although her personality overpowers sex workers at places, and she overacts at other places. Although story moves very slow, people were feeling sleepy but a sincere effort has been done to convey her message. Songs are Ok.

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  1. Haven't seen this one will surely try to see it for Sush and your review. :)