Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Movie: Silsila: ~~dekha~ek~khwab~to~yeh~Silsiley~hue~~

Director & Producer: Yash Chopra
Music: Shiv Hari
Lyrics: so many, so many  - Nida Fazli, Dr. Harivansh Rai Bachan, Javed, Rajendra Krishan…

Cast: Role Name: Role: Rating
Amitabh Bachan: Amit: A Shayaar (again): 10/10
Rekha: Chandni: daughter of a very rich businessman: 8.5/10
Jaya Bhaduri: Shhobha: Shekhar’s fiancé: 8/10
Sanjeev Kumar: Dr. Anand: Surgeon: 9/10
Shashi Kapoor: Shekhar: Pilot (special appearance): 8.5/10

Why watch this movie:
1.      Powerful casting and superb/natural acting/performance by all
2.      Powerful director and direction
3.      Superb lyrics (ofcourse like powerful cast there is powerful group of lyricists here)
4.      Superb music
5.      Solid Script and Screenplay
6.      What else…

Who should watch:
1.      All Amitabh fans
2.      Yash Chopra fans
3.      All Lovers – to understand how to maintain the Dignity of Love
4.      All Husbands and Wives – to understand the depth and meaning of this relationship
5.      All people who can understand and see involuntary perfect chemistry happening between Amitabh and Rekha
6.      Watch Sanjeev Kumar, Rekha, Amitabh… trio delivering their best…
7.      Perfect lyrics, music… what else…

Songs I liked most:
1.      Neela aasmaan so gaya…
2.      dekha ek khwab to ye silsiley hue, door tak nigah mein hain gul khile hue
3.      ye kahan aa gaye ham tere saath saath chalke, teri bahon mein ho jaanam mere jism-o-jaan pighal ke
4.      rang barse bheege chunaria li rang barse…

Few favourite lines:
Meri baat ka meri hamnafaz tu jawab de ke na de mujhe
Teri ek chup mein jo hai chupi vo hazaar baton ki baat hai
Meri zindagi ka harek pal tere husn se hai judda hua
Tere honth thirakein to hai subah teri zulf bikhare to raat hai

Amit and Chandni are badly in love which is grooming fast. Amit is a Poet, Shayaar and writer. Shekhar, Amit’s elder brother is in love with Shobha and both are about to marry. Shekhar dies in an air crash and leaves behind his pregnant fiancé Shobha. Amit sacrifices his love and decided to give hand to Shobha for her unborn child. Both marry, although Amit does not love Shobha but never meets Chandni and performs his duty of Shoba’s husband well. Amit once driving car, gets lost in his memories of Chandni and meets with an accident. Both Amit and Shobha are admitted in the hospital where Shobha comes to know that her unborn child has died in her womb because of this accident. Dr. Anand is the doctor in this hospital who is taking care of Amit and Shobha. Dr. Anand is a very cheerful personality and a man of substance.
Dr. Anand is married to Chandni, and when he tells Chandni about Amit and shobha, Chandni reaches at Hospital to meet Amit with a bouquet of Red Roses. The love that was forgotten and suppressed with time again blossoms up. Both again start meeting and both start forgetting they are now married…
Dr. Anand and Shobha both get to know what is happening…
Everything is handled very maturely and ultimately Amit returns back in the arms of his wife who is pregnant. Dr. Anand and Chandni also live happily thereafter.

Some Observations:
1.      Amit and Chandni character are portrayed as vulnerable, fire and smoke is equally active at both the ends. Logically once they have married to another man and woman – they should have closed the doors for past life lovers and future scope and possibilities…
2.      or Amit and Chandni’s love was so strong that it restructures when they meet again…
3.      and Dr. Anand and Shobha are totally secured and non vulnerable characters. Understanding the meaning of marriage, maturely and conceptually.
4.      Amit at the end comes back to Shobha. Shobha is pregnant. Amit understand perhaps the meaning of marriage…
5.      What if when Amit returns Shobha declares that she is in love with Dr. Anand…

Njoy… and Bye…

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