Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Movie Review: Mangal Pandey - The Rising: India's First Fight For Freedom - April'1857

A character well lived by Amir Khan - Mangal Pandey, the first warrior for India's freedom from British. Full kudos to the director and the team who did a lot of research for this character about whom very less is available in the books/recordings. Thanks to the people (directors/cast) who dare to take a chance and deliver to the nation such stories which inculcate the respect for freedom. 

Mangal (Amir Khan) is a sepoy in British Government ruling India. It took 100 years of ruling and then we got a son like Mangal Pandey who gave his life just to bring the fire and urge for freedom. He is very brave and a true leader. A new type of rifles have come in which the explosives are to be put by snatching it from mouth and then putting the bullets on top of it, you fire. 

English Army ordered Indian soldiers to use it and Indians came to know that it contains the skin of cows and pigs. The soldiers are told lie that it does not contain any such type of material, Mangal believes it and uses it. Rani is sold in the open market to woo and entertain English soldiers. She dances and entertains english soldiers. Amisha is a widower who is forced to burn herself live along with the body of her husband. 

One English Commander is brave enough (and he is the only one who likes India and Indians) to come forwards and save her. Rani starts loving Mangal and Amisha starts loving that english soldier. Ultimately Mangal decides to revolt when he comes to know about the reality of the new bullets. They decide to attack all together about which English forces come to know and two days earlier fresh forces are brought from Rangoon to thrash all Indian sepoys who work under British government and have decided to revolt. 

When all the other Indian Sepoys turn back due to lack of resources, Mangal alone decided to fight with the English Army and hence kills himself before getting into their hands. Before we our next generations forget about these brave fighters who did not bother to give their lives just to build this nation, we should go and watch such movies and read such literatures. Before we forget that what we are today is because of them and their sacrifice, and before we end our normal routine life, we should salute these real Heroes who dared to end their lives for us.

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