Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Movie Review: Pyaar Mein Twist: BOBBY Part II - No Kiss But Do Not Miss

This movie has few messages – 
1. Don’t become so selfish in life that you ignore other’s happiness, 
2. Love can occur at any moment in life, depending on how you react towards your vacuum and gap formed in life, 
3. Don’t feel ashamed or hesitant of admitting some good things in life, especially LOVE, 
4. Every body has a right to live happily, 
5. And finally Listen to your heart, sometimes when it tries to tell you the discovery of your true love. 

The movie is a remake of an English movie I saw many years ago (and have forgotten its name, plz tell if any body remembers it) The story goes like- Rishi Kapoor (Tej Pal Singh) started his career with a small cycle repairing shop and now at the age around 50s is now the chairman of a group of companies. Movie starts with a board meeting where he declares to hands over the chairmanship to his son. 

Tunnu (Satish ) or Karan Khanna is the king of liquor industry and is a good friend of Tejpal. Tejpal is a widower and has a son, Sameer, who is married and his wife is expecting. Movie starts with a very light mode. It is a family drama involving two families. But after interval the movie takes a serious turn. Overall it is a light, neat and clean family drama with a twist, with a message that vacuum has no meaning in life and it can be replace with love at any time, any age. Sheetal Arya (Dimple Kapadia) is also a widower who has lost her hubby Vishal is a quite gorgeous lady devoted to her family comprising of her sis-in-law (Farida Jalal), soon to be married daughter (Soha Ali Khan) and a son. 

Both the families are well-to-do, quite rich and well settled. Only thing is that Tej and Sheetal both are living with a gap or vacuum in their life for a long time that arose after the death of their respective spouses, but both are unaware, ignorant about that. Sheetal meets Tej and both get attracted toward each other because of their common gap in life and both are still having a heart that is untouched by love. 

The love advances in meetings, outings and dinners at restaurants. This new spreads and moves around both the families and others known people in the town, due to which the would be in-laws of Rhia (Soha Ali) are hesitant to go about the engagement of their son with Rhia. This creates problem in Tej’s and Sheetal’s family and both families kids start blaming other’s family for these problems. Sheetal moves away from her family with Tej as per the advice of her sis-in-law who is the only per son who understands this love and favors uniting them at this age against the will of the young kids of both the families. Now when they are away both families kids gradually realize that there is nothing wrong in what their parents have done. 

They start realizing the compromises and sacrifices made by both Tej and Sheetal respectively in their families at the cost of their happiness and hence they agree to their marriage. Both the families start wondering where their respective father and mother are, eager to meet them and convey them the message that they have a right to fill their gaps and be happy for the balance part of their lives. Ultimately they find them and story ends with two marriages – Soha’s with her fiancée and Tej’s with Sheetal. Out of the three songs, one is quite melodious which goes like – “Pal tham gaya hai ham chal rahe hain, jaag ke kis khwab mein dhal rehe hain” Overall a good, light movie that flows without breaks and jerks and ends with a happy note. And you come out humming – “pal tham gaya hai……..

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  1. A matured love story and loved the chemistry between the two.