Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Five Best Inspirational Songs

Inspiration is something that pulls you out if you are SINKING, puts you straight if you are running in circles, shows you light in DARK, brings SMILE in your EYES, makes you FEEL you are IMPORTANT, HOLDS your hand when you are alone, LENDS you her shoulder when you want to CRY and HOLDS you in her ARMS when you want to HOLD HER. 

1. ITNI SHAKTI HAMEIN DENA DATA,       MAN KA VISHWAS KAMZOOR HO NA, HAM CHALEIN NEK RASTE PE HAMSE, BHOOL KAR BHI KOI BHOOL HO NA This song inspires when I feel lonely and isolated. There are instances in life which make you arrive at a situation when you feel too much frustrated and everything seems useless. At that point of time, I murmur this prayer, sing this song, hum its tune. It gives me power, power to be what I am, power to be right against all wrongs happening in the society, country, world, power to let me feel that there is some power beyond all powers of this world put together that controls the world. That power comes to some people in temples, some find it in themselves, some get inspired when they see it in others BUT wherever they find it, they bow to it and respect it. This song inculcates something in me that is beyond explanations.

2. AANE WALA PAL JAANE WALA HAI HO SAKE TO ISME ZINDAGI BITA DO PAL JO YE JAANE WALA HAI,…. This song is from the film GOLMAAL (1979) sung by KISHORE KUMAR. The song inspires to live every moment of life as and when it comes without thinking of what has happened in the past and bothering about what is going to happen in the future. The song is as lively as the life is and delivers lot of inspiration. This song makes a 60 watts bulb to glow at 100 watts (and injects life in a fused bulb). After all, We do get fused at times!!! And then we do need some words to cheer us up.

3. YE TERA GHAR YE MERA GHAR KISIKO DEKHNA HO GAR TO PEHLE AA KE MAANG LE TERI NAZAR MERI NAZAR Movie: SAATH SAATH (1982), Singers: SHAILENDER SINGH and ASHA BHOSLE. This song is to be sung with your IKLAUTI BANNO you have in your life. And those who are without BANNO right now, watch out!, and till then you can sing it alone (singing his/her part also till that gap is filled). This song turns your MAKAAN into GHAR, house into SWEET HOME. You have to have a special NAZAR to look at your HOME, like for a MOTHER, all CHILDREN are CHILDREN, but HER CHILD is the most SPECIAL TREASURE SHE OWNS in her LIFE. Similarly, your HOME, whatever size – big or small, location, appearance - old or new, YOUR HOME IS YOUR HOME. AND IT IS THE BEST PLACE IN THE WHOLE WORLD for YOU.

4.    RONA KABHI NAHI RONA, CHAHE TOOT JAYE KOI KHILONA SONA CHUPKE SE SONA CHAHE ROOTH JAYE SAPNA SALONA This song is from the movie ANDHA KANOON and is sung by KISHORE KUMAR. This song has a freshness and touch of sincerity. KHILONA and SAPNA SALONA here has varied meanings changing with the AGE. But it is as inspiring for me when I was child as it is for me even now. I don’t play with KHILONAS anymore and don’t bother myself about SWEET DREAMS but then these golden words help me come out of my failures and sorrows. It promises me that after every NIGHT there is a MORNING, after every SORROW there is a bigger HAPPINESS and after every FAILURE there is a bigger SUCCESS. So don’t get bogged down by such temporary phases of life and be HOPEFUL for BETTER every time. Life has lot in store for each of us which includes all colors. I would like to share some more words from this song – DUKH SUKH KI KYA BAAT HAI YE TO SABKE SAATH HAI”

5. MERE RANG MEIN RANGNE WALI PARI HO YA HO PARION KI RANI YA HO KOI PREM KAHANI MERE SAWALON KA JAWAB DOThis song inspires her more for whom I sing this song. And when she gets inspired, I get doubly inspired. This song catches you for its beautiful lyrics, depth in voice, superb music and perfect picturization in the movie MAINE PYAR KIYA (1989) sung by S P BALASUBRAMANIAM. Just try to listen to this song from your HEART. BOLO NA KYUN YE CHAND SITARE TAKTE HAIN YUN MUKHADE KO TUMHARE That’s all what I had to say. And at the end two lines for ”ZINDAGI JAB BHI TERI BAZM MEIN LATI HAI HAMEIN YE ZAMEEN CHAND SE BEHTAR NAZAR AATI HAI HAMEIN”

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