Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Movie Review: Taxi No 9211: Cool Light Movie

The morals of the story are - 

1. As long as you run after money in your life, it keeps running away from you. The moment you understand this is not what life is meant for, you get it. 

2. If you are lucky that you found your true love and by chance you are very rich too, just do away with your money and see if it takes away your true love with it. 

3. Arrogance + Arrogance + time = good friendship

This is a story of two frustrated persons. Nana Patekar who has nothing to gain in life (and hence nothing to loose too) and John Abraham who does want to loose anything in life especially those 3000 crores of money his dying father gave to his friend rather than giving to John because of John's  non-serious attitude towards work and addiction of spending money freely for his leisure. 

People who believe John Abraham can't act must watch this movie to how little johny is grooming. And people who are already Johny's fans should not miss this movie. One thing is sure for now, John is going to give a great hit someday provided he gets a director like Guru Dutt. 

Johny is now at a stage of his career where he can prove himself. Sameera Reddy has done her part well although she had not much to do in this film. Nana Paterkar's role could not be done by anybody else as perfectly as he could do and he did it. Sonali Kulkarni also did her part well as Nana's wife. Priyanka Chopra appeared only in the last scene of the movie and then disappeared in many hearts.

Storyline John Abraham is the son of a very rich businessman who dies and declares in his will to give all that belonged to him to his friend rather than giving it to John. John has another will from his father written sometime back in which he made John as the heir of  his property after his death. 

John has to produce that will in the court to prove that as the correct will so that he acquires all the property.  He smashed his car in an accident one day before he has to reach the court. Next day he hires Nana's Taxi (no. 9 2 11) to reach court and then a sequence of comiller (Comedy + Thriller) starts in which Johny looses the key of the locker from where he has to take his father's will and produce in the court. He looses the key in Nana's taxi, Nana's Taxi hits a car on a red light crossing when he tried to jump the light. Nana reached in the jail, his wife comes to know the truth that Nana is a taxi driver and not an Insurance Agent. Nana tries an attempt on John's life as it was he because of whom Nana had to go to jail. 

After few sequences they become friends, but by now both realise that what all they did was not worthy (Nana's telling his wife lies about his profession, and John's running madly after money.) and John gets to know some harsh truths of his life before getting all his father's property back to his pocket.

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