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Krrish Movie: ~~~ Koi ~~ Tumsa ~~ Nahin ~~~

Director : Rakesh Roshan
Producer : Rakesh Roshan
Cast : Rekha, Hrithik Roshan, Priyanka Chopra, Sharat Saxena, Puneet Issar, Naseeruddin Shah, Preity Zinta (Special App)
Music Director : Rajesh Roshan
Lyrics: Nasir Faraaz, Ibrahim Ashk, Vijay Akela
Audio Release Date : April 2006

Cast Performance: Separate rating is must to justify the overall cast performance. 
Hrithik Roshan:         10/10
Rekha:                       7/10
Naseeruddin Shah:    8/10
Priyanka Chpora:        5/10

Why did I watch this movie?
There are many reasons. I like Hrithik Roshan as a talented, versatile and hard working actor. I like Rekha as a star. I like Priyanka Chopra among the current lot of actresses (although she has disappointed me in this movie). I never miss a movie of Naseeruddin Shah. I like Rakesh Roshan as an actor and director. I liked the music and lyrics of Krrish album (and posted a review on the same sometime back on MS).

A boy gets abandoned from schoolhood because he is an extraordinary boy with an extra ordinary brain. When he is in first standard in a convent school, he is able to do the home work of third standard students. The Principal of the school asks the grandmother of child to present the child among a board of persons to conduct an IQ test for the child to assess what age brain he carries at his age, and to assess how many years he is ahead amongst his peers.

The grandmother gets stunned by the replies of the child during this test and takes him away in between the test. She decided to take the child away fron school to a lonely place (somewhere in hills in India) where she will develop him alone. The boy starts observing his extraordinary powers and understands that he is different to others and is gifted with lot of powers. He can fly/climb/float in the air, run faster thana horse, walk on water, etc. etc. But he gets bored as because of this talents he can not live a normal boy's life.  This boy has learnt to talk to animals and birds and all animals and birds living around the hills become his friends.

The teenager boy grows into a young boy and meets a young girl who has come for camping in the hills with a group and falls in love with her.The girl notices boy's superpowers and plans to expose it to the world through the TV Channel she works with. She calls this boy to Singapore where she works.

Boy wants to leave for Singapore to meet her. Grandmother opposes as she does not want boy to go away from her. After some arguements she tells him about the ill fate of his father who had acquired all these powers from Jadoo ( in KMG) and then he is hired by a Computer King in Singapore to help him in building a computer that can tell about the future. The father is cheated by this tycoon and grandmother comes to know about this and that her son has died after having fire in his lab.

Boy after promising his grandmother that he will not use his powers in public and never let anyone know about this, leaves for Singapore. After some time boy comes to know that the girl's invitation to him for Singapore was not for love but for her career and job by using him as a tool. but by that time girl really starts loving him.

The boy meets senior security officer of computer tycoon and comes to know that his father is still alive but for a very short time as after completion of tycoon's mission he is going to kill his father.

Ultimately boy is able to kill the bad buddy tycoon, save his father and take him and the girl to his grandmother. and thats the happy ending.


a. Hrithik Roshan: Krrish/Krrishna and Old man Krrish's father (for a shorter time): Marvellous performance as two extremely different characters. The acting, dialogues and body language all match perfectly. 10 out of 10 to Hrithik. and to the special effects. (The Boy and The Father)

b . Rekha: The grandmother. good acting by the lady for a role older than her real age. She has done her best. (The Grandmother)

c. Naseeruddin Shah: Not much to do by this versatile actor in this movie. very limited role but crisply performed. (The Computer Tycoon)

d. Priyanka Chopra: Not at all a good pair for Hrithik. She was appearing nervous throughout. Body Language / Face expressions not at all matching with the dialogue delivery except at one or two places.  Preity gels well with Hrithik but then she could not be repeated. Urmila could have been a better choice than  Priyanka. Priyanka goes well with most of her roles and with most of the heroes but somehow she did not fit here and was no match for Hrithik  (The Girl)

What I liked in this movie:

In brief - Hrithik, Hrithik and Hrithik

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