Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Movie Review: Shabd: Obsession For Creating Reality

Moral of the Story: “WORD” is the power of a writer but the same power destroys him if he tries to manipulate or play with that power beyond a limit. The same implies to our life too, we have the power of life but moment we try to overpower or manipulate it or try to play with it, it starts destroying us. It is about use and misuse of power GOD gives us. A must see for all who like serious, non-vulgar, no body-show cinema 

Sanjay Dutt – Shaukat Vashisht 
Aishwarya Rai – Antra Vashisht / Tamanna 
Zayed Khan – Yash 

Profession – 
Shaukat – Living with a reputation of failed writer who everybody believes does not know the reality and can not write reality 
Antra – A Fashion Teacher in a College 
Yash – A Photography Teacher in the same college 
Tamanna – Heroine of Shaukat’s new Novel in progress.  

Shaukat is an obsessed character, obsessed with the words he write, obsessed to show the world that he can write reality, and obsessed to make that happen what he is writing. A man of his own world who is away from love (although confesses many times to his wife that he loves her very much), away from happiness, whose wife is busy all the time to try to make him happy, to convince him that he is a good writer, that he knows reality, that those people are fool who does not know how to understand and respect a writer like him. 

Shaukat decides to write a new novel and names his heroine as Tamanna, whose identity he finds in his wife. Yash is a new entrant in the college where Antra teaches. Yash is a lively, innocent, jubiliant character who starts loving Antra without knowing that she is married. Antra tells this to Shaukat, and shaukat finds the story of his novel. He tells Antra not to disclose to Yash that she is married. Yash proposes her to go to see a play. On Shaukat’s insistence she has to agree to go with Yash for an outing. Yash takes her to some other place instead of play and she returns home at 4.30am. For the first time in her life she is finding the meaning of life, happiness and joy. And Shaukat is happy that the story is moving as he wants. 

Shaukat is living with two identities - Shaukat writer and Shaukat Husband. Husband is not happy with what is happening with Antra, Writer is happy that Antra is doing the same way Tamanna is supposed to do in his story. Hero of his story proposes Tamanna, Yash proposes Antra. As per Shaukat, now Tamanna has to disclose to the hero that she is married and hero has to die with a note to her that I am leaving and you live happily with your Husband. Shaukat says “we all are puppets whose threads are in God’s hands but there are some threads, I can move them as I want”. 

This Shaukat writer, an obsessed writer to prove himself to world is playing with his wife and Yash by treating them as puppets. Antra has lost Yash, happiness, joy and she comes home. She finds the papers of Shaukat’s story where one of the paper says about a note which the hero leaves for Tamanna by saying that he is dying and gets shocked by realizing now why Shaukat was telling her to do all this. Shaukat sees Antra crying with that paper in her hands. He assumes that this paper Antra has brought and gets crazy by realizing that whatever he had written, exactly the same has happened. And to prove this he starts finding his paper from all his papers where he has written the same what Antra’s paper is saying. Antra knows that there is no another paper, since Yash has written no note to her. 

Shaukat is under this impression that Antra has brought Yash’s note which is the same as his paper says which he is not able to find. He keeps on finding that paper, without sleeping for nights and goes mad. At the end we meet Shaukat in a mental asylum, Antra goes to meet him. He is confused and addresses her as Antra sometime and Tamanna the other time. He is still trying to convince her that the paper he carried resembles the same as he had written, that paper which he is trying to find out, still trying to convince her that he wrote the REALITY. 

The puppet player himself becomes the puppet in his own hands……… Excellent caste and excellent performance. Good start but the sad end as the man who tries to create reality goes mad at the end because of his own obsession. Perhaps he did not know that the reality can not be created, it happens in its own flow.

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