Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Fool N Final: ~~~Dhai~kilo~ka~haath~~~

Known Kalakaars: Shahid Kapoor: Raja/ RahulSharmila Tagore: Rahul’s mother/ Om Puri’s wifeOm Puri: Rahul’s father/ Sharmila Tagore’s Husband/ Munna’s elder brotherSunny Deol: Munna/ Om Puri’s younger brother/ Rahul’s uncleViveik Oberoi: LuckyChunky Pandey: RockyAsrani: Lalwani/ Choksey’s Sindhi BrotherAyesha Takia: TinaParesh Rawal: ChaubeyJohny Lever: Puttu Pilot/Taxi DriverGulshan Grover: Choksey/ Lalwani’s Gujrati Brother/ Rocky’s fatherArbaz Khan: Mosco ChiknaSameera Reddy: ??forgot??Jackie Shroff: Gun Master G9
Unknown kalakaars: JD Seth/ Don/ Boxing Better
Hajmola – name of the dog of Chaubey
Location: Dubai
Kahani: Rahul (Sharmila Tagore’s son) died a couple of years back in a road accident. Sharmila Tagore who was with her at the time of accident got injured and is being treated in the hospital. She keeps on asking about Rahul, as she is unaware about his death. Munna saw Raju who appears same like Rahul. Raju is a thief by profession. Munna requests Raju to meet Sharmila Tagore as Rahul. Raju asks for regular money to do it regularly. He meets Sharmila Tagore, tells her that he is working for a very big export house and that is why would be coming home once a month or so. Raju has partnered with Chaubey to assist him in small time thefts. Raju is in love with Chaubey’s daughter Tina. Om Puri who runs a garage where he sells stolen cars knows about Raju’s reality. Munna is shown as a very powerful man. Sameera Reddy comes to Dubai for a job but when she reaches there she comes to know that she has been cheated. Sharmila Tagore offers her to stay at their home.
Lucky brings a tall 7 feet man (who is very strong and never faces defeat in Boxing) to JD who organizes Boxing matches and prompts people for betting. That is his business. JD comes to know about Munna and wants him to fight for him in the Boxing ring and win or loose as per his instructions.
Rocky who is coming from India with a stolen invaluable diamond to sell it in Dubai becomes the target of many for that diamond. Now a hunt starts for the diamond with Raja, Chaubey, Puttu Pilot and Tina on one hand, Gun Master G9, Choksey and Lalwani on the other hand. Similar other groups are there for the hunt.
Finally who gets the diamond and what is done with it? Watch it out!

Saaransh:If you have a little appetite, if you believe in yoga, or jogging, or walking (even brisk walking), or kite flying, or bird watching or tv watching or listening to radio or reading light books, or are MS member this movie is for you as the movie is totally reverse and it contains Heavy fighting (minimum dhai kilo ka haath and above), Sprinting, fast forward…
Acting is ok as is the direction. Story keeps you engaged throughout, strangles you, relieves you again holds you tight. Every one has done his part well. Not much to do for some. Too much crowded, too many sailors on the ship.

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