Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Movie Review: Guru: Trio Triumphs=Mani Ratnam+AR Rahman+Abhishek

Different shades of Gurubhai:
Gurubhai as Bunker: Guru is the middle order son of his father who is a teacher in a small village. He is loved by all in his family except his father who wants him to study in the school and get good marks being a teacher’s son which is not acceptable to Guru. Right in his childhood his character is displayed as doer, daring and go-getter with a never dying attitude. He is quite adamant on what he thinks and what he wants to do. He is not interested in school, studies and marks etc. These are all small, normal activities for him, he wants to do something different, achieve something bigger than a normal person and does not want to become an ordinary hard earner common man and teacher like his father.
Gurubhai as Maverick: Gurubhai decides to go to Far East for working and earning in a very young age. He has dreams of earning big money in life. He believes in himself (rather over-believes) and has a daring capability of doing anything to achieve his dreams. He has dreams and thinks he can fulfill his dreams. His dreams do not match with anyone in his family and this compels him to run away from his home with the help of his mother. He reaches Portugal and starts working in a company in production after demonstrating his skills in a trick game and as a roadside salesman.
Gurubhai as Gambler: Gurubhai dares to say NO to a big jump in his salary and a double promotion in his rank. He decides to come back to India and start making his own money by business. During last few years when Gurubhai has worked here he has accumulated some money with which he plans to start a small business after going back to India. He comes back to his home, makes his father happy that he plans to not to go back but equally annoys him by disclosing his mind that he intends to start his  own business.
Gurubhai meets Aish Ben: Aish Ben dances in the rain and she reminds you of her dances in Taal and Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam. Guru Bhai meets Aish Ben when she gets a lifetime kick from her lover at railway station where they plan to meet and run away to start their new life. Instead Aish Ben gets a letter from her lover who shows his inability at last moment to run away with her and she gets stunned. She is weeping badly when she first time meets Guru Bhai in the running train when she does not know where she will go now and what she will do now. Gurubhai understands her situation and when he gets down and meets Aish Ben’s father searching for her, tell him to get in and take her home.
Gurubhai makes a first Big Deal: He comes to know from his childhood friend that his sister is at marriageable stage and not getting married, and his father his ready to pay a big amount to the man who marries her. Gurubhai decides to marry her and she turns out to be Aish Ben. Gurubhai marries Aish Ben. At the station when Gurubhai is about to leave for Mumbai with his friend turned Bro-in-Law, Aish Ben persuades G.Bhai to take her along with and he agrees. The seed turns into a plant and grows further into a tree, the love tree between Gurubhai and Aishben.
Gurubhai becomes an Industrialist: Gradually with his wits Gurubhai become an Industrialist and starts manufacturing Cloth (Polyester). The factories start mushrooming and he becomes a big man from a small school teacher’s son.
Gurubhai meets an over-idealist personality: Gurubhai meets Mithun Da who is the publisher of a newspaper but who prints truth and only truth in his newspaper by exposing government officials, industrialists and any actus reus in the society. Like Gurubhai hates “No”, This publisher hates “anything other than Truth”.
The Friend and Foe Factor: Gurubhai has not forgotten his friend in Far East (Mota Bhai) and appoints him a big manager in his group of companies. Gurubhai starts playing with money, government, politics, share market, bureaucracy. He starts excelling in business but in turn makes his old friend Mithun Da his enemy.
The Extremes: Gurubhai is caught in many wrong doings as exposed by the newspaper of Mithun Da, is paralysed, his business sealed but ultimately he has to part with a big booty to get himself set free and start back his business again.
Overall: Very good acting by Abhishek, Mithun and Aishwarya. The music by A R Rahman is equally good. Direction by Mani Ratnam is superb. Best part is the acting, face expressions and make-up along with the age of Abhishek Bachan. And all the numbers too are fantastic.

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