Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Movie Review: 15 Park Avenue: You are my WORLD

I saw a wonderful movie 15 Park Avenue and was simply glued to the chair from the beginning to the end. It was an extremely simple movie story line where women in the family stand up to protect, support and care for the mentally ill. It has a totally different impact on society of today, of course provided we see it.  

In case one is very impressed by action movies, rape of Aparna (the mentally ill) is also a kind of violence that the society seems to be encouraging.  The story line, dialogues and action carry a message that one needs to give an important thought.   The discussion between the Doctor and Shabana has an excellent message, unlike many Western and Indian movies. The dialogues were extremely thought provoking especially when they talk of Aparna’s imaginative world.  They have a world that decides their world of living, why is it that one has to sit and curb such thoughts and don’t allow them to grow or even be expressed at all?  

The reality in our world is as much a reality of their imaginative world.  One has to accept that.   The most important part of the movie is where mother and sister take all the care of Aparna despite many suggestions from various sectors of the society telling them to admit her in the hospital.  This is an extremely important message that the story and the director give the audience, because it is true that there are hospitals to take care of them, but there is so much attention and love a family can give and that they really look for. Isn’t it the basics of our familial ties to give them that kind of attention and love? It sometimes works better than the drugs that are administered.

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