Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Movie Review: Aksar: Good Fashion And Sex Show

First the conclusions This movie could turn out to be one of the best thrillers, had the director paid attention to two facts 

1. he did not loose track to turn a thriller to b-grade sex movie 

2. he had chosen a better cast 

First the heroine - Udita has a plain expressionless and emotionless face and no body language to match her words. so it is foolish to expect acting from her. what all she can do is what all she did in this movie. She would look good to stand like a statue in a dress  shop window. (like a wax model) Dino also looked good only after the end song. 

Imran  Hashmi the smoocher does his work perfectly, but he should learn to match his words with the expressions in his eyes. Overall a flop just because a good thriller storyline marred by poor direction and casting.

Now the Storyline Dino is a businessman in London married to Udita but both are unhappy with each other. Dino can't kill her being reputed in the society. Udita won't divorce him because of his money. Hashmi is a low profile photographer who shoots models (females) and sells their pictures in the exhibitions. He has a reputation of having affair with all his models and hence every time he shoots a new model because of his unsuccessful relations with his models. Dino hires Hashmi to seduce his wife to have sex with him and then it will be easy for him to divorce her. the task has to be finished in next 15 days and for that Dino is paying Hashmi a hefty amount. Hashmi while seducing her gets hooked to her and start loving her. 

She also starts loving him. But there is a catch, even if Dino divorces her, he will have to part away with half of his property as a pre-marriage contract. Dino creates a situation where Udita kills Hashmi. Dino takes the whole blame on himself and sends her a will in which he gives half of his property which is in his name to Udita. Dino's servant helps the investigating inspector to reach to the hidden camera in the house where murder had happened and hence it gets clear that Udita has murdered Hashmi. Udita convinced that Dino was ready to die for her and this has happened just accidentally, gets a will made to give half property which is in her name to Dino. Dino has got his property back, has got rid of Udita. Don't go to watch this movie, still if you want to go, take an eye band and use it when Udita appears on Screen

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  1. Saw this movie long time ago but had a great laugh after reading your review. Thank you for the good one.