Thursday, September 1, 2011

Ada Movie Songs Album

Numbers are as below :
1. Ishq AdaRashid Ali
2. Hawa Sun Hawa Sonu Nigam and Alka Yagnik
3. Gum Sum:Sonu Nigam and Alka Yagnik
4. Gulfisha:Sonu Nigam, Sunidhi Chauhan and Viviane Chaix
5. MeherbaanA R Rahman
6. Tu mera haiChitra Sukhvinder Singh and Naresh Iyer
7. Hai DardUdit Narayan
8. Ishq AdaParul Mishra
9. Milo wahan wahan:Alka Yagnik and Jayachandran
10. MeherbaanInstrumental – Sanjeev Thomas
 Why 10 out of 10 :
1. Singers – variety
2. Singers – Quality
3. Number – count
4. Numbers – Quality of Lyrics
5. Numbers – Quality of Music

1. Ishq Ada
Ishq Ada hai, Ishq Sada hai, Ishq Dawa hai, Ishq dua hai.
Well actually if you don’t know what love (ishq) is, then listen to it. Or if you are given with an exercise to write 50 alternatives of love (ishq), you can find in this song what ishq is and what all is derived from it. This is a slow, romantic, rhythmic song and one can listen to it again… and again… and again.

Best time to listen: evening
Best to listen with: spouse/ girl (boy) friend/ alone with he/she in mind
Hint: No hot or cold drinks around. Nuts (and crackers) advised to be taken.
Dance: can be done, dandiya, or any mild form of dance.

2. Hawa Sun Hawa

Vo kaun hai… vo kahan hai… jise dhoondhati hai nigahein…
Vo kaun hai…
Hawa sun hawa use choo ke aa, use choo ke aa ja zara
Kahan hai vo itna bata…

Fantastic lyrics. Good modulation of voice by Sonu and Alka. In between there is a good use of flute and tabla. This is purely a romantic song. It is mild, soothing, and full of warmth.

Best time to listen: anytime
Best to listen with: alone, can also listen to it along with light reading.
Hint: a drink is must, Soft/hard cold/hot… any.
Dance: no, just relax, and listen to it. 

3. Gum Sum
Gum sum gum sum hum tum gum sum… jhilmil jhilmil jhoom raha hai aaj mera dil…ho gaya jawan mein to yahan... ho gayi hogi jawan vo bhi to vahan…
This number is faster than the above two. Lyrics and voices are enjoyable.

Best time to listen: day/ evening/ night
Best to listen with: with your partner
Hint: no saree for the lady on the floor. Dress as short as possible.
Dance: of course. No dance on this number is a crime. 

4. Gulfisha                                                      
Gulfisha gulfisha tujhse hai mera gulfida, ada ada haye ada teri ada ne jaane kya kiya
Something fresh again as usual from Sonu, with a higher tone…

Best time to listen: morning preferably, or even ing.
Best to listen with: with your partner.
Hint: if earphone is hooked into the ear while jogging, paddling or while exercising… you will enjoy this number.
Dance: no. either sit, relax, enjoy, else exercise.
5. Meherbaan

Tui hai sada mein hoon ada tu hatheli mein hoon hina
Tere bina main hoon be-zameen, tere bina mein be-asmaan
Tu hai nadiya mein hoon sangam, tu niyasa mein pehla mausam
This is a typical AR… full of energy and requires a good amount of attention to chew the words…

Best time to listen: morning preferably, or anytime when feeling low.
Best to listen with: with anyone or alone.
Hint: sit with someone opposite to you and just look into each other’s eyes. Lot of commitments is exchanged.
Dance: can do, mild, hands in hands, head on shoulder…but still eyes into eyes…
6.  Tu mera hai

Tu mera hai mere mera hai mein teri hoon teri teri hoon tu mera hai mera mera hai yaara. Yaara shukriya tera shukriya…jise chaha mil gaya, jise dhoonda mil gaya.
This is a very good, serious, mild, soft, and medium fast number, has equally good lyrics.

Best time to listen: late evening, night
Best to listen with: on bed, decide…
Hint: it is short, crisp, tangy number.
Dance: no. just pay full attention.
7.    Hai Dard

Hai dard faila, hai zakhm gehra, kyun door tak hai thehra andhera. Hai ye dhoond ye dhoond kaisi, kaisa hai kohra. Khoya kyun aaine mein uska chehra, aaine mein uska chehra.Hey, a little scary, sad, sadistic, crying, paining song… sung beautifully by UN, and mostly since he sings romantic numbers, it is a different piece from him.

Best time to listen: when you are sad
Best to listen with: alone… this song reminds you of someone you have lost and are suffering lost of pain while remembering…
Hint: it made me sad… without any reason… good that I was having a wireless high quality headphone.
Dance: no way…
8.   Ishq ada

Well, refer to the first number above. it is the same lyrics, sung by a newcomer, Parul, beautifully, quite versatile, lyrics are clearer and crisper here. The voice reminded me a unique style of Geeta Bali. I found her voice a mix of Geeta Bali and Asha Bhonsle.
9.   Milo wahan wahan
Mujhe milo wahan wahan jahan pehle mile. Chalo chalein wahan wahan jahan kal the mile.
I will give full marks to Alka Yagnik, Jayachandaran to sing this serious number so fantastically. Lyrics of this song are extremely ballistic. Must listen number…

Best time to listen: can’t say but not in the morning… will make you sad for the day.
Best to listen with: friends
Hint: when all friends together… drinks… evening… serious… 
Dance: hush!
10.  Meherbaan

Instrumental. A good fusion of guitar, sitar, drums played mildly, and the superb music keeps you hooked.
Overall superb numbers… superb lyrics… superb music… superb listeners… superb music lovers…

Bhoothnath: [Ssssssssssh]~~KOI~~HAI~~

Logical ill-logics built in the movie:
1.      A Rich person rents to a big bungalow at a new place and comes to know about its rumors only when he shifts there with his family and not at the time when he fixes it. Height of ignorance.
2.      This Rich man stays mostly out – as he is a technical engineer in a cruise company. But two days after shifting to this rumor filled house, he leaves for his cruise without any arrangement of even a single servant leaving his cute wife and school going son all alone. Height of attachment.
3.      All Bhoots have a principle. No two bhoots live together at a place. Height of discipline.
4.      Bhoots have emotions too. Height of emotions.
5.      A movie can be built with 100% unrealistic touch in it and yet expect it to be a box office hit on the basis of cast. Height of realism.
6.      A Bhoot can’t touch a boy falling down from stairs but the boy can touch him and cut his nails. Height of contradiction.
7.      Bhoots can turn into Angels, there is a hairline difference as per movie. Height of conversion.
8.      All dead do not turn into Bhoots, even if they have equal amount of desires unfulfilled, or equal amount of work left undone. Height of uncertainty.
9.      Bhoots are miscreants. They don’t live silently or without interfering Presents (people who are live). They have a tendency of keep on marking their presence by doing some deeds or misdeeds. Height of Desires.
10.  A living person can act as a Bhoot. Height of acting.
11.  School Principal obsessive about eating student’s lunch. Height of Obsession.
12.  Bhoots love Goa. Height of Masti.
Cast: Amitabh Bachchan as Bhootnath a.k.a. Kedarnath, Juhi Chawla as Anjali Sharma, Shahrukh Khan (guest appearance or special appearance) as Banku’s Dad, Anjali’s Husband, Aman Siddiqui as Banku a.k.a. Aman Sharma, Priyanshu Chatterjee as Kedarnath’s Son, Rajpal Yadav as  Piyakkad Anthony, Satish Shah as Irani, Banku’s School Principal.
Crew: Written and Directed by Vivek Sharma and produced by Ravi Chopra.
Aim: I could not find the real purpose of this movie, was it intended to be a serious, or funny, or drama, or tragedy… couldn’t make out of the story and filming. Probably the whole team lost track and purpose as a whole and all of the effort as a whole could not make it whole. Movie could have been made purposeful by making it more serious or a full fledged comedy otherwise. But it kept dwindling between the two. Moreover I see that AB is more interested (intentionally or unintentionally) in ghostly acts whether it is Cheeni Kum, or Nishabd, or Ramgopal Verma ki Aag, or Bhootnath – the roles where he is wondering aimless or a stupid aim. And if compared to his youth time movies – where he used to get good stories, aimful, and purposeful…
StoryPriyanshu in the only son of Kedarnath. He goes abroad for higher studies but doesn’t come back and settles there by starting his career and marrying a girl there. His mother keeps waiting for him and ultimately dies of old age and this pain. Kedarnath keeps on trying to balance both the ends but is shocked to know that his son is planning to sell this house. He sternly refuses his son and daughter-in-law that he will never allow them to sell this house. They leave the house forever and Kedarnath dies. He turns into a Bhoot and stands to his words that he will never let this house been sold. Banku and his family shifts to this house. His father is an engineer with a cruise company and is out most of the time. So when Banku and Anjali are alone in the house, Banku encounters Bhootnath and due to his belief (based on what is told by Anjali to him) that there are no Bhoots and only Angels are there. Banku mistakes Bhootnath for an angel and ultimately a bond is established between two of them that becomes higher than any human relationship.
Good Spots: The way Banku is brought up by his parents.Banku’s funny Principal.Juhi’s carefree lively acting.Some philosophical discussions of Bhootnath and the kid.Kid’s role performed well.

Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal: underrated version of Chak De India

About: Produced by Ronnie Screwvala, directed by Vivek Agnihotri under the banner of UTV, the cast includes John Abraham as SunnyBoman Irani as Tony SinghBipasha Basu and Arshad Warsi as Shaan. The music is by Pritam, Story is by Rohit Malhotra and lyrics are by Javed Akhtar. Choreography is by Saroj Khan.
Story The story revolves around South Hall Football team, its fighting spirit, its never dying attitude, its unity, its love towards their home ground, its relationship among team members, its concerns and beyond. The story starts when the local authorities warn South Hall football team that they will have to surrender their football ground if they don’t pay the lease pending for many years. And that is a hefty amount. Only way to pay that amount and keep the ground with them is if they win current year League. The amount money for the winner will be sufficient enough to cover up the lease amount. But winning a single match in the league is quite indefinite for the team as per their performance for the last many years, and then winning the finals is almost next to impossible. Xxxx is the captain and has an emotional touch with the ground. He wants to save this ground at any cost. And for this fortunately he gets a marvelous ex-player as a coach who agrees to train them and to take them in the finals provided they all follow his directions. This movie is also about a never ending fight between the white and Black community around the world. Years back Boman Irani was the captain of this team and they had reached in the finals. Since the South Hall team comprised of mostly blacks, the whites favoring the opponent team in the finals, a night before the final match, attack on the captain and try to hurt him. A handful of fans resist this attack and one of them take all blows on him to save the captain as he wanted the South Hall team to win in the finals. The captain is threatened that if he wins tomorrow, it will be disastrous for him and his family. Captain abandons the match and ultimately South Hall loses in the finals. But the pain carried in the heart of Boman Irani didn’t die down and he becomes the coach of this team after many years. The story is about how he fills fire in the belly of all the players, how he teaches them the tactics, how he unites them and ultimately gives them a feeling that they can be winners before they actually turn out to be winners.
Conclusions: This is an underrated version of Chak De India. Only difference is that it is not made under a big banner, not with a big cast, not with big amount spent on promos. But one thing is sure that the movie is more realistic and has been made quite sincerely. The performance by all the actors and supporting actors is excellent. This story is all about love in hate and hate in love. How the hate is overcome by teaming, will power and hard work. Some scenes are quite touching, and end is quite hilarious. Although the movie didn’t do well at box office, but is worth watching.
Good Moments:
1. When before start of each match, the South hall team all members sing their anthem (dan dana dan goal…)
2. Night time scene when Boman Irani as the coach of South Hall meets John Abraham (the best player of an opponent and best team, favorites for clutching the League Title), the discussion between them is real classic, and then by his skills Boman convinces him to join South Hall.
3. The initial matches when there was no coordination among South Hall team members and gradually how they improve the coordination, determination and skills to pass through each hurdle to win the title
4. Initial matches when the commentators and viewers make mockery of their Anthem.
5. Song – Billo Rani where Bips appers to be quite sober and homely girl (quite opposite to her real life image)