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Ada Movie Songs Album

Numbers are as below :
1. Ishq AdaRashid Ali
2. Hawa Sun Hawa Sonu Nigam and Alka Yagnik
3. Gum Sum:Sonu Nigam and Alka Yagnik
4. Gulfisha:Sonu Nigam, Sunidhi Chauhan and Viviane Chaix
5. MeherbaanA R Rahman
6. Tu mera haiChitra Sukhvinder Singh and Naresh Iyer
7. Hai DardUdit Narayan
8. Ishq AdaParul Mishra
9. Milo wahan wahan:Alka Yagnik and Jayachandran
10. MeherbaanInstrumental – Sanjeev Thomas
 Why 10 out of 10 :
1. Singers – variety
2. Singers – Quality
3. Number – count
4. Numbers – Quality of Lyrics
5. Numbers – Quality of Music

1. Ishq Ada
Ishq Ada hai, Ishq Sada hai, Ishq Dawa hai, Ishq dua hai.
Well actually if you don’t know what love (ishq) is, then listen to it. Or if you are given with an exercise to write 50 alternatives of love (ishq), you can find in this song what ishq is and what all is derived from it. This is a slow, romantic, rhythmic song and one can listen to it again… and again… and again.

Best time to listen: evening
Best to listen with: spouse/ girl (boy) friend/ alone with he/she in mind
Hint: No hot or cold drinks around. Nuts (and crackers) advised to be taken.
Dance: can be done, dandiya, or any mild form of dance.

2. Hawa Sun Hawa

Vo kaun hai… vo kahan hai… jise dhoondhati hai nigahein…
Vo kaun hai…
Hawa sun hawa use choo ke aa, use choo ke aa ja zara
Kahan hai vo itna bata…

Fantastic lyrics. Good modulation of voice by Sonu and Alka. In between there is a good use of flute and tabla. This is purely a romantic song. It is mild, soothing, and full of warmth.

Best time to listen: anytime
Best to listen with: alone, can also listen to it along with light reading.
Hint: a drink is must, Soft/hard cold/hot… any.
Dance: no, just relax, and listen to it. 

3. Gum Sum
Gum sum gum sum hum tum gum sum… jhilmil jhilmil jhoom raha hai aaj mera dil…ho gaya jawan mein to yahan... ho gayi hogi jawan vo bhi to vahan…
This number is faster than the above two. Lyrics and voices are enjoyable.

Best time to listen: day/ evening/ night
Best to listen with: with your partner
Hint: no saree for the lady on the floor. Dress as short as possible.
Dance: of course. No dance on this number is a crime. 

4. Gulfisha                                                      
Gulfisha gulfisha tujhse hai mera gulfida, ada ada haye ada teri ada ne jaane kya kiya
Something fresh again as usual from Sonu, with a higher tone…

Best time to listen: morning preferably, or even ing.
Best to listen with: with your partner.
Hint: if earphone is hooked into the ear while jogging, paddling or while exercising… you will enjoy this number.
Dance: no. either sit, relax, enjoy, else exercise.
5. Meherbaan

Tui hai sada mein hoon ada tu hatheli mein hoon hina
Tere bina main hoon be-zameen, tere bina mein be-asmaan
Tu hai nadiya mein hoon sangam, tu niyasa mein pehla mausam
This is a typical AR… full of energy and requires a good amount of attention to chew the words…

Best time to listen: morning preferably, or anytime when feeling low.
Best to listen with: with anyone or alone.
Hint: sit with someone opposite to you and just look into each other’s eyes. Lot of commitments is exchanged.
Dance: can do, mild, hands in hands, head on shoulder…but still eyes into eyes…
6.  Tu mera hai

Tu mera hai mere mera hai mein teri hoon teri teri hoon tu mera hai mera mera hai yaara. Yaara shukriya tera shukriya…jise chaha mil gaya, jise dhoonda mil gaya.
This is a very good, serious, mild, soft, and medium fast number, has equally good lyrics.

Best time to listen: late evening, night
Best to listen with: on bed, decide…
Hint: it is short, crisp, tangy number.
Dance: no. just pay full attention.
7.    Hai Dard

Hai dard faila, hai zakhm gehra, kyun door tak hai thehra andhera. Hai ye dhoond ye dhoond kaisi, kaisa hai kohra. Khoya kyun aaine mein uska chehra, aaine mein uska chehra.Hey, a little scary, sad, sadistic, crying, paining song… sung beautifully by UN, and mostly since he sings romantic numbers, it is a different piece from him.

Best time to listen: when you are sad
Best to listen with: alone… this song reminds you of someone you have lost and are suffering lost of pain while remembering…
Hint: it made me sad… without any reason… good that I was having a wireless high quality headphone.
Dance: no way…
8.   Ishq ada

Well, refer to the first number above. it is the same lyrics, sung by a newcomer, Parul, beautifully, quite versatile, lyrics are clearer and crisper here. The voice reminded me a unique style of Geeta Bali. I found her voice a mix of Geeta Bali and Asha Bhonsle.
9.   Milo wahan wahan
Mujhe milo wahan wahan jahan pehle mile. Chalo chalein wahan wahan jahan kal the mile.
I will give full marks to Alka Yagnik, Jayachandaran to sing this serious number so fantastically. Lyrics of this song are extremely ballistic. Must listen number…

Best time to listen: can’t say but not in the morning… will make you sad for the day.
Best to listen with: friends
Hint: when all friends together… drinks… evening… serious… 
Dance: hush!
10.  Meherbaan

Instrumental. A good fusion of guitar, sitar, drums played mildly, and the superb music keeps you hooked.
Overall superb numbers… superb lyrics… superb music… superb listeners… superb music lovers…

Bhoothnath: [Ssssssssssh]~~KOI~~HAI~~

Logical ill-logics built in the movie:
1.      A Rich person rents to a big bungalow at a new place and comes to know about its rumors only when he shifts there with his family and not at the time when he fixes it. Height of ignorance.
2.      This Rich man stays mostly out – as he is a technical engineer in a cruise company. But two days after shifting to this rumor filled house, he leaves for his cruise without any arrangement of even a single servant leaving his cute wife and school going son all alone. Height of attachment.
3.      All Bhoots have a principle. No two bhoots live together at a place. Height of discipline.
4.      Bhoots have emotions too. Height of emotions.
5.      A movie can be built with 100% unrealistic touch in it and yet expect it to be a box office hit on the basis of cast. Height of realism.
6.      A Bhoot can’t touch a boy falling down from stairs but the boy can touch him and cut his nails. Height of contradiction.
7.      Bhoots can turn into Angels, there is a hairline difference as per movie. Height of conversion.
8.      All dead do not turn into Bhoots, even if they have equal amount of desires unfulfilled, or equal amount of work left undone. Height of uncertainty.
9.      Bhoots are miscreants. They don’t live silently or without interfering Presents (people who are live). They have a tendency of keep on marking their presence by doing some deeds or misdeeds. Height of Desires.
10.  A living person can act as a Bhoot. Height of acting.
11.  School Principal obsessive about eating student’s lunch. Height of Obsession.
12.  Bhoots love Goa. Height of Masti.
Cast: Amitabh Bachchan as Bhootnath a.k.a. Kedarnath, Juhi Chawla as Anjali Sharma, Shahrukh Khan (guest appearance or special appearance) as Banku’s Dad, Anjali’s Husband, Aman Siddiqui as Banku a.k.a. Aman Sharma, Priyanshu Chatterjee as Kedarnath’s Son, Rajpal Yadav as  Piyakkad Anthony, Satish Shah as Irani, Banku’s School Principal.
Crew: Written and Directed by Vivek Sharma and produced by Ravi Chopra.
Aim: I could not find the real purpose of this movie, was it intended to be a serious, or funny, or drama, or tragedy… couldn’t make out of the story and filming. Probably the whole team lost track and purpose as a whole and all of the effort as a whole could not make it whole. Movie could have been made purposeful by making it more serious or a full fledged comedy otherwise. But it kept dwindling between the two. Moreover I see that AB is more interested (intentionally or unintentionally) in ghostly acts whether it is Cheeni Kum, or Nishabd, or Ramgopal Verma ki Aag, or Bhootnath – the roles where he is wondering aimless or a stupid aim. And if compared to his youth time movies – where he used to get good stories, aimful, and purposeful…
StoryPriyanshu in the only son of Kedarnath. He goes abroad for higher studies but doesn’t come back and settles there by starting his career and marrying a girl there. His mother keeps waiting for him and ultimately dies of old age and this pain. Kedarnath keeps on trying to balance both the ends but is shocked to know that his son is planning to sell this house. He sternly refuses his son and daughter-in-law that he will never allow them to sell this house. They leave the house forever and Kedarnath dies. He turns into a Bhoot and stands to his words that he will never let this house been sold. Banku and his family shifts to this house. His father is an engineer with a cruise company and is out most of the time. So when Banku and Anjali are alone in the house, Banku encounters Bhootnath and due to his belief (based on what is told by Anjali to him) that there are no Bhoots and only Angels are there. Banku mistakes Bhootnath for an angel and ultimately a bond is established between two of them that becomes higher than any human relationship.
Good Spots: The way Banku is brought up by his parents.Banku’s funny Principal.Juhi’s carefree lively acting.Some philosophical discussions of Bhootnath and the kid.Kid’s role performed well.

Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal: underrated version of Chak De India

About: Produced by Ronnie Screwvala, directed by Vivek Agnihotri under the banner of UTV, the cast includes John Abraham as SunnyBoman Irani as Tony SinghBipasha Basu and Arshad Warsi as Shaan. The music is by Pritam, Story is by Rohit Malhotra and lyrics are by Javed Akhtar. Choreography is by Saroj Khan.
Story The story revolves around South Hall Football team, its fighting spirit, its never dying attitude, its unity, its love towards their home ground, its relationship among team members, its concerns and beyond. The story starts when the local authorities warn South Hall football team that they will have to surrender their football ground if they don’t pay the lease pending for many years. And that is a hefty amount. Only way to pay that amount and keep the ground with them is if they win current year League. The amount money for the winner will be sufficient enough to cover up the lease amount. But winning a single match in the league is quite indefinite for the team as per their performance for the last many years, and then winning the finals is almost next to impossible. Xxxx is the captain and has an emotional touch with the ground. He wants to save this ground at any cost. And for this fortunately he gets a marvelous ex-player as a coach who agrees to train them and to take them in the finals provided they all follow his directions. This movie is also about a never ending fight between the white and Black community around the world. Years back Boman Irani was the captain of this team and they had reached in the finals. Since the South Hall team comprised of mostly blacks, the whites favoring the opponent team in the finals, a night before the final match, attack on the captain and try to hurt him. A handful of fans resist this attack and one of them take all blows on him to save the captain as he wanted the South Hall team to win in the finals. The captain is threatened that if he wins tomorrow, it will be disastrous for him and his family. Captain abandons the match and ultimately South Hall loses in the finals. But the pain carried in the heart of Boman Irani didn’t die down and he becomes the coach of this team after many years. The story is about how he fills fire in the belly of all the players, how he teaches them the tactics, how he unites them and ultimately gives them a feeling that they can be winners before they actually turn out to be winners.
Conclusions: This is an underrated version of Chak De India. Only difference is that it is not made under a big banner, not with a big cast, not with big amount spent on promos. But one thing is sure that the movie is more realistic and has been made quite sincerely. The performance by all the actors and supporting actors is excellent. This story is all about love in hate and hate in love. How the hate is overcome by teaming, will power and hard work. Some scenes are quite touching, and end is quite hilarious. Although the movie didn’t do well at box office, but is worth watching.
Good Moments:
1. When before start of each match, the South hall team all members sing their anthem (dan dana dan goal…)
2. Night time scene when Boman Irani as the coach of South Hall meets John Abraham (the best player of an opponent and best team, favorites for clutching the League Title), the discussion between them is real classic, and then by his skills Boman convinces him to join South Hall.
3. The initial matches when there was no coordination among South Hall team members and gradually how they improve the coordination, determination and skills to pass through each hurdle to win the title
4. Initial matches when the commentators and viewers make mockery of their Anthem.
5. Song – Billo Rani where Bips appers to be quite sober and homely girl (quite opposite to her real life image)

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Album: Bhram: ||~jaane~||~kyun~||~huye~ ||~hain~||~vo~||~khafa~||

This album has six tracks in total, but is not enough to saturate you with all colors of music, all moods, all variations. Overall it is has cheerful, joyful, fast numbers with fresh voices, good music, and meaningful lyrics.
Track no. 1: Jaane kaisa hai tu
Sung by : Shaan
Lyrics : jaane kaisa hai tu, chahe kaisa hai tu, tera hua mein
Maine jaana tumhe, chahun paana tumhe, tera hua mein
Maana ye maana ke kuch na tha mein to aaj se pehle tera
Hona hai hona hai mujhko to aaj ke baad teraSummary : Although Shaan is not a perfect singer like Sonu Nigam but this guy tries to give his full in all his performance and that too sincerely. Guitar starts mildly in the beginning but afterwards it is a fast number. Sung intelligently, this song is a good party number/ dance number. Voice is quite cheerful, joyful and enjoyable and equally good are the music and lyrics.
My Ratings to track no. 1: Voice: 2/5, Lyrics: 2.5/5, Music: 2/5
Track no. 2: I am a bad boy
Sung by: Suraj Jagan, Earl D’Souza, Sunaina, Khushboo Jain & Siddharth Suhas
Lyrics: I am a bad boy, I am rude boy,
aa re is dil yaar behla re, kuch pee ke hosh behka re, kuch kar ;le josh mein,
aa re khud ko na aise tarsa re, masti mein mast ho ja re, kuch kar le josh mein
Summary: It is a rap, it is absolutely fit for Salsa dance, it is full of energy and radiance. It has English, It has Punjabi, It has Hindi. So it can be called a hin-eng-jabi song. It is a party song, it is a dance song, it is totally enjoyable song. The voices are fit to the music, music is fit to the voices, and lyrics go well with both. The coordination, synchronization of voices is quite good. Credit goes to singers to do a full justice with the lyrics, tempo and music of the song.
My Ratings to track no. 2: Voices: 2.5/5, Lyrics: 2/5, Music: 2.5/5
Track no. 3: Meri akhiyan
Sung by: Richa Sharma
Lyrics: ve aaja sajna, sajna, sajna, ve aaja sajna
meri akhiyan sun sakhiyan, roz vaariyan ve pal pal gindiyan har pal akhiyan
ab aaja mere sajna
Summary: fast music,folk music, good to listen, cannot dance on it. frankly it took some time to initially understand the starting stuff as Richa Sharma has a habit of catching sometimes trying Reshma sufi high tome style. Overall it is ok stuff, not too good, not bad too. Lyrics is better here than the voice and music.
My Ratings to track no. 3: Voice: 2/5, Lyrics: 2/5, Music: 2/5
Track no. 4: Teri akhion ki narmi
Sung by: Siddharth Suhas
Lyricsteri ankhon ki narmi, teri sanson ki garmi, pyaas dil mein jagaye, soniye
There is a love when I see you, there is a love when I touch you, there is a love when I kiss you, soniye
Summary: This guy is already present in track no. 2 and has performed well there. From a total fun song he transforms here into a romantic singer here in a Hinglish song. Fast, drums, band and all that. Voice is not unique, or extraordinary. To be a class, this guy will have to work hard and probably create his own style in singing. Otherwise he can be used as a regular, normal singer. But he sang the English stuff better than the hindi one. Before listening to this number when I saw the title of this track, I though it would be a slow number, but it is not at all.
My Ratings to track no. 4: Voice: 2/5, Lyrics: 2/5, Music: 1.5/5
Track no. 5: Lagdaa na ladgaa
Sung by: Kay Kay
Lyrics: lagdaa na lagdaa na, dil mera lagdaa na, Jaane isse kya hua,
tujhko hai khabar kya, Meri to nazar ka...  
Summary: starts with a guitar, this is not one of the best of Kay Kay, not even going to be very popular or hit. Although it is also quite a fast track, and can be used as a dance number for sure. I somehow feel that the lyrics was not given a right music and unnecessarily wasted. That waste has somehow been equalized/balanced by good voice of Kay Kay. This is a hinjabi song (hindi and Punjabi)
My Ratings to track no. 5: Voice: 2/5, Lyrics: 2.5/5, Music: 1.5/5
Track no. 6: Jaane kyun tanha ho gaye
Sung by: Sonu Nigam
Lyrics: jaane kyun tanha ho gaye, sapne kho gaye,
Jaane kyun huye hain vo khafa,begane bewafa,
 jaane kyun chahton ke sare vo pal kho gaye 
Summary: This, I would rate as the best number of this album, although not the best from Sonu Nigam. Probably this style was required as per the situation in the movie to show sadness, desperation, frustration, directionless, hopeless situation. Music is not very special, it is quite plain and straight play of drums, guitars and some other western instruments. Sonu Nigam has used large variation of modulation in this song, at times at a high pitch too.
My Ratings to track no. 6: Voices: 3.5/5, Lyrics: 3.5/5, Music: 3.5/5
My Overall Rating to this album: 2.5/5

Album: Jannat: ~Zara si dil mein de jagah tu~Zara sa apna le bana

Excellent lyrics wasted by a combination of third class music and unmatched singers.
Director : Kunal Deshmukh
Genre : Romance/Drama
Producer : Mukesh Bhatt

Lyrics: Sayeed Qadri, Kamran Ahmed, Neelesh Misra
Music released by: Sony

To be released in the first week of May (2nd May), Jannat is a movie about betting in cricket/ match fixing. Lead role is being played by Safdar Hashmi and Sonal Chauhan. Music is by Pritam. Singers are Rana Mazumdar, KK, Rupam Islam, Kamran Ahmed, Richa Sharma. Overall it seems either Pritam did not get good amount of money and therefore has not given a music of his class. Even the singers chosen are not able to perform accordingly.
1.      Door Na Ja: Rana Mazumdar
Music is too loud, singer is shouting or singing, most of the time it is difficult to make out.        Use of drums and guitar is too exhaustive and loud throughout. Only good part is the beginning of this song when the music is low (only guitar), and the singer sings in low tone (normal tone).

Tera chehra meri ankhon mein basa rehne de
Khud ko thoda sa kahin mere mein bacha rehne de
Door na ja, door na ja, door na ja, door na ja, door na ja, door na ja
Aaj ke baad mera sara safar tanha hai
Aur tere saath ka bhi akhiri ye lamha hai
Aur kuch der mujhe, aur kuch der mujhe khud se judda rehne de
Aur kuch der mujhe khud se judda rehne de
Door na ja – 7 times

Look at the lyrics which is excellent but too loud music, singing style and the high pitch has made it a below normal. Music is purely western, lyrics and voice of the singer is desi, and style of singing is in-between desi and western. It appears as if a immature, newcomer, learner is singing this song. A good singer and style would have made it a very good listening. ‘door na ja’ 7 times at the end of every paragraph is quite painful.
Lyrics: 4/5, Music: 0.5/5, Voice: 1.5/5
2.      Haan tu hai KK

Jo khabon khayalon mein socha nahi tha
Tune mujhe itna pyar diya
Mein jab bhi jahan bhi kadi dhoop mein tha

Teri zulf ne mujhpe saaya kiya
Haan tu hai meri baton mein tu mere khabon mein tu….

In this song dholak has been used extensively. It looks like a mix of marriage song and a fast quawali. A good lyrics has not been justified by a good music and voice.
Lyrics: 3.5/5, Music: 2/5, Voice: 2/5
3.      Jannat Jahan: Rupam Islam

Hey suno na, dil keh raha hai, lalach badi khubsoorat bala hai
Dekho na iski dua hai aasman choo le jo uska bura hai

Drums again are overdone in this song too. Music is inspired by 1970s western country style. Probably there is a competition happening in this album who will shout more...
Lyrics: 1/5, Music: 1/5, Voice: 0.5/5
4.      Judai (Remix): Kamran Ahmed

Char dina da pyar ho rabba, lambi judai lambi judai
Char dina da pyar ho rabba lambi judai lambi judai
Tere bin dil mera lage kahin na, tere bin jaan meri jaaye kahin na
Kitne zamano baad ho rabba yaad tu aaya, yaad tu aaya

Too fast... first two lines are  stolen from a song sung by Reshma. Lyrics again is good as compared to the singer and music. Such a fast pace does not suit the lyrics. A slow version might have done some justice. Voice is a little better. This singer can do better if he sings slow numbers.
Lyrics: 2/5, Music: 0.5/5, Voice: 2/5
5.      Judai: Kamran Ahmed
Lyrics is same as above, singer is also the same, not much difference between remix and this one. A little less speed does not make it better as the music most of the time overpowers the lyrics and singer (and that happened in other songs too). Singer’s voice is shrilling rather than sweet and melodious.
Lyrics: 2/5, Music: 0.5/5, Voice: 2/5
6.      Judai: Richa Sharma
Lyrics is same as above, voice is sweeter and thus makes the number a little melodious but drawback is again that it has been sung in a faster note. Had it been sung with half the speed, it could have been a magical number. The same lyrics in male voice sung above, looks better here when the singer sings it sweetly.
Lyrics: 2/5, Music: 0.5/5, Voice: 3.5/5
7.      Zara sa : KK

Zara si dil mein de jagah tu, zara sa apna le bana,
Zara sa khabon mein saja tu, zara sa yadon mein basa
Mein chahun tujhko meri jaan bepanah
Fida hoon tujhe meri jaan bepanah

Fantastic lyrics, beautifully sung, great music. This is only the winning point in the whole album I found. The way this song has been sung and the music, all the other songs look as if they do not belong to this class. Promos are carrying only this number and probably producers knew that only this number has the calibre to draw people to this movie. Music of this song is very very good.
Lyrics: 4/5, Music: 4.5/5, Voice: 4.5/5
8.      Zara Sa (Power Ballad): KK
As good as the normal number, a little slower, sung with a little sad/serious (painful) mode. I enjoyed the regular number more than this.
Lyrics: 4/5, Music: 4/5, Voice: 4.5/5

If you (still) plan to buy this album even after reading this review, you will be able to listen to all numbers only once, except Zara Sa – that you can listen to as many times as you wish (every time you listen, I am sure, you are going to enjoy this number).

Anand: ~~zindagi ~ kaisi ~ hai ~ paheli ~ haye....~~

This movie was a big hit and has not gone old by the time. The movie is still as fresh as it was when it was released in 1970. 
Directed Hrishikesh Mukherjee and produced by N.C. Sippy, are the two names who used to produce blockbusters during that era. 
Cast: Rajesh Khanna: Anand Sehgal Amitabh Bachchan: Dr. Bhaskar Johny Walker:Isa Bhai/ Murarilal Ramesh Dev:Dr,.Kulkarni Sumita Sanyal: Renu  Asit Sen 
Producer: N C Sippy 
Director: Hrishikesh Mukherjee 
Lyrics: Gulzar, Hrishikesh Mukherjee, Yogesh 
Music: Salil Chaudhary 
Story: Bimal Dutt, Hrishikesh Mukherjee, Gulzar 

What I liked:  Story, dialogues, script, lyrics, performance – everything was marvelous and probably that is the reason for this movie getting so many filmfare awards – for best movie, for best supporting actor, for best actor, etc. Songs that I still remember are – “kaheen door jab din dhal jaaye, saanjh si dulhan nazar churaye, chupke se jaaye, mere khyalon ke aangan mein koi sapnon ke deep jakaye… deep jalaye” and “maine tere liye hi saat rang ke sapne choone, sapne surile sapne…” and “zindagi kaisi hai paheli hai, kabhi ye hasaye, kabhi ye rulaye…” and “na jiya jaaye na… tere bina mera kahin jiya jaaye na…” 

Best moments of this movie: When Anand calls anyone as Murarilal When Anand calls Dr Bhaskar as Babu Moshai When Anand is about to die and begs doctor banerjee for life When Anand recites the poem – ae maut tu ek kavita hai When Anand tells Isa bhai about the philosophy of life When Anand calls mother (instead of sister) to the head sister of the hospital (who is very strict) When Anand meets Renu for the first time When Anand says – Babu Moshai – hum sab upar wale ke haath ki ek kathputli hain…”  When Anand dies.

What this movie conveys: Anand was a patient but in real sense he was a natural doctor who was spreading life even when he knew that he is going to die soon Dr Bhaskar was a doctor, a doctor who is called as next to god in context of giving life… but moments came when Doctor Bhaskar became so helpless Story: Anand is suffering from Lymphosercoma of blood or blood cancer and is about to die in next six months or so. But he is so lively personality that he wants to live every moment that is left with him even when he comes to know about his illness. Infact there are indications at time that he is afraid to die and that is why also tries to make every moment as lively as possible. Dr Bhaskar is a very serious personality, and a capable doctor. Anand is admitted in the hospital and Dr Bhaskar is treating him. Both are just complimenting personalities. Bhaskar on one hand speaks very little and Anand on the other hand cannot be silent even for a second. Ultimately Anand is able to get place in everybody’s heart… and everybody cries to know that he is about to die except himself… Rajesh Khanna, Amotabh, Ramesh Dev, Johny Walker – all did a wonderful performance to make this movie a memorable movie. The movie is 14 reels and almost 2 hrs duration.

Namastey London: ~~Namastey@India~~

Cast: Akshay Kumar: Arjun Singh Katrina Kaif: Jasmeet/ Jass Rishi Kapoor: Manmohan (Jasmeet’s father) Upen Patel: Imran 

Crew: Producer/ Director: Vipul Amrutlal Shah Music: Himesh Reshammiya 

Lyrics: Javed Akhtar 

Best scenes: 1. When Arjun asks name of Jasmeet 2. When Arjun is drinking fresh cow milk directly 3. All scenes where Arjun displays his selfless, innocent love towards Jazz 4. When Arjun tells an englishman what India is in a party when that man tries to insult India 5. When Arjun accepts Jazz decision of forfeiting their marriage and her marrying Charlie 6. The Rugby Match 7. The last scene when Arjun speaks english Story: Jazz comes to a Punjab village in India with her parents to her father’s childhood friend’s house. Arjun is the son in that house. Arjun is typically a fun loving punjabi boy belonging to a rich family and hence carefree in nature. Jazz on the other hand is an advanced; london born girl who loves advanced life, music, dance… 

Arjun falls in love with Jazz in first sight of her. Both parents also decide to marry Arjun with Jazz but this is against Jazz wishes who has a boyfriend in London (Charlie). Jazz friend in London suggests her over the phone to get married to Arjun as there is no other choice and come back to London with him and her family, and if she tries to run away from this marriage, she will not be, as they will find her and forcefully marry her to Arjun. 

So better is to marry and when they come back to London, she declares that she does not believe in this marriage and wants to marry Charlie. Charlie has 4 ex-wives in last 2 years and Jazz is going to be his fifth wife and nobody else but Arjun is helping her to marry with Charlie. Does Jazz marry Charlie. Is Arjun able to convince Jazz with his true love, Is Charlie really in love with Jazz – let it remain as suspense. Arjun has an edge over Charile on various fronts – character, integrity, truthfulness, sincerity, culture, respect for elders, respect for love, sportsmanship and finally a disclosure in the last scene which Jazz kept on thinking that he lacks. What makes this movie a must watch: The direction, story, acting, lyrics and the music. Katrina did a wonderful job and for the first time she did not use dubbing of her dialogues. Akshay fits very well in such type of roles and what I feel is he has a potential that nobody so far has been able to explore.

Race: ~~~2 chicks+2 dudes = RACE~~~

A child’s behavior bespeaks about his parents… and the same applies to a movie too… Abbas Mastan, the duo directors of this movie talks about money, sex, crime, crime and crime… 

Music by Pritam is fast and fits well in the story… trend today is hinglish lyrics…trend is to focus it more on y-generation of the country… and moreover it is easy to complete a song with a copied music plus patches of lyrics (original – english). 

Cast: Saif Ali Khan: Ranvir Singh Katrina Kaif: Sophia Bipasha Basu: Sonia Akshay Khanna: Rajiv Singh Anil Kapoor: RD (Robert D’Costa) Sameera Reddy: 

Mini Story: Movie is a suspense thriller with lots of twists and turns. It has more number of surprises than the number of songs. Ranvir and Rajiv are two brothers. The family is settled in South Africa with a huge business and properties in various towns of SA – cape town and Durban. 

Ranvir is elder of the two. He grows into a hard and successful businessman who is fond of betting on horse race. Infact he has his own large base of horses. He never likes any of his horse to lose in the race. Rajiv right from his childhood keeps on losing race (first cycle and then horse) from Ranvir and that hurts his ego and turns him into a distracted personality. He always keeps thinking how to win form Ranvir but everytime he tries, he loses. Although whatever Rajiv needs in life, Ranvir provides him… and that is what Rajiv does not like as Ranvir has always the upper hand that hurts Rajiv’s ego. 

Rajiv makes a big plan where he decides to murder Ranvir, and get 100,000 million dollars from insurance company Ranvir’s secy Sophia love him. Ranvir loves his friend Sophia. Rajiv falls in love with Sonia. Ranvir sacrifices Sonia for Rajiv, Rajiv marries Sonia and tells Sonia to seduce Ranvir for the purpose of getting 100,000 dollars. Sonia agrees and succeeds in seducing Ranvir. 

They both start meeting privately. Ranvir realises that this is not fair to sleep in bed with his younger brother’s wife and tells her not to meet him any further. On one weekend Ranvir has to go with Sophia to capetown to sell off one of his property. Rajiv plans to call Ranvir and tells him that he has come to know about his affair with his wife and thus he is deciding to jump down from their office building. Whereas the actual plan is that when Ranvir comes there to save Rajiv, Sonia will push Ranvir off from the top of the office building so that he dies. They both then will declare to police that he has died accidentally and thus will get 100,000 dollars. 

Sonia and Rajiv are able to kill Ranvir. Case goes to RD of police department. Mini is RD’s innocent secy. Sophia is able to prove to RD (police) that Ranvir had married to her in Capetown (one day before he died) and thus 100,000 goes to her. What happens next, How Rajiv gets 100,000, does he ditch Sonia or Sophia, Is RD able to get to the roots of this all, Ranvir is really dead or… to know all this… you need to watch this fast track movie. Some conclusions: 1. Abbas Mastan duo are fond of crime based themes (as they are indulged into it) 2. Movie is really fast and each moment gives you a new turn. Your imagination can’t hold with the pace of the movie 3. You can’t skip movie for even a second while watching… else you will skip a lot. 4. Even in the world of crime – ultimately good wins and evil gets punished 5. Acting wise Akshay, Anil Kapoor and above all Saif have done wonderful job. 6. shocking… that Katrina can act… 7. another shock… that Bipasha too can act even will least of expressions. Happy ending…

Jodhaa Akbar: ~~Hrithik fits well in Akbar's role~~

Every lion has a day in life when he is worst than a dog Every dog has a day in life when he feels like a lion Akbar and Jodha were two strong personalities in their times. Akbar had a vision of uniting all religions for which he had a respect for all religions, place for all kind of people, strong mission, concrete plans and open mindedness. 

Hrithik has become a legend in him by now, in selecting a role, in playing a role in his unique style, in acting, in performance, in real life… Aishwarya has performed well but not the best of her class. She was not as free in her performance as she was in D2. 

If we take comparison following shall be the chart (our of 5): Act Hrithik Aishwarya Dialogue delivery 5/5 4/5 Acting 5/5 3.5/5 Overall Performance 5/5 4/5 Costumes 4.5 5/5 Ashutosh Gowarikar has really taken the courage to get into conflict about the subject and story but he has come out of it very beautifully without any mull over the issue. Lyrics by Javed Akhtar are excellent same as the music by A R Rahman. 

The best part of the movie is cinematography, Hrithik and the storyline. It is a soft, mild story with hard incidents embedded in-between appropriately. Few scenes to highlight: 1. Akbar’s (Hrithik’s) act of taming an elephant 2. Jodha’s conditions for marrying Akbar 3. Akbar’s acceptance of Jodha’s conditions and fulfilling them 4. Akbar’s last scene fight 5. All fights 6. Akbar’s refusal to accept his mentor’s order to kill his oponent 7. Dialogues 8. Lyrics

Black And White: Bullet in return to a Bullet is the easiest thing.

The movie is from Subhash Ghai. There is an excellent and sincere effort in reflecting the reality of life in good and bad aspect. Good always is loud, clear and sweet, bad always keep you intermingled, thoughtful, pondering, struggling within. 

Cast: Professor Mathur (Anil Kapoor), His wife – Roma, their daugher – a sweet dumb child, Numaid (a disguised terrorist), Shagufta – Professor’s student Location, story etc. etc.– the story revolves around Chandni Chawk, Delhi, India where Professor lives with his wife.

Professor’s stream is Urdu, and hence is quite close to muslim literature and writers. Roma is a very open minded lady and is always brave enough to fight out against anything wrong around, happening with anybody irrespective of a hindu or muslim. Both believe in humans and relations without thinking whether he is a hindu or a muslim. Numaid is assigned a task of exploding a liquid bomb in VIP area during 15th August ceremony at Red Fort thereby killing 300-400 people sitting in the VIP area. For his mission he comes as an innocent person in that area and is able to gain Professor’s sympathy and attention. He starts living at Professor’s house and Roma starts trusting him as his brother. Numaid has to arrange an entry at the day of ceremony through Professor as the professor has a strong say in that area – in public, in administration, in police etc., everyone respects him. 

The love, passion, trust, positive attitude of Professor shatters Numaid’s strong terrorist in him and… One night before, on 14th Roma is murdered in the night, Professor stops this news going in public as he fears communal riots will happen immediately. 15th He goes to Red Fort along with Numaid. Both take their seats in the VIP area. To know what happened afterwards, who murdered Roma, why Numaid became a terrorist, etc. = spend Rs. 150 and watch it. Best Scenes: 

Almost all scenes are excellently performed, few to mention are: 
1. Professor’s effort to avoid crying and stopping his daughter from crying after Roma is murdered 
2. Professor performing last rituals of his wife alone with Numaid, silently 
3. Professor’s calm, the next day, at the ceremony 
4. Professor bursting out to tears at ceremony remembering his wife 
5. Professor telling Numaid about the colors of life 
6. Numaid’s fight within 
7. Numaid’s decision to not to explode bomb 
8. Professor’s saving of Numaid In the Nutshell: 

So in the nutshell it is a movie of just two main characters – good and evil, still others are optimally fit. It shows the win of good over the evil. The fight within the evil, the conscious constantly telling the evil what is wrong and what is right. Best Dialogues: “Agar un logon nein us-e suicide bomber bana kar ham tak ik paigam bheja hai to hamne us-e ek naya insaan banaa kar un tak ek paigam bheja hai” – Professor Mathur when asked by Shagufta – why he saved Numaid from Police “Aaj tak zindagi mein maine do hi rang dekhe the – safed aur kaala, aaj professor ne mujhe zindagi ke aur rang dikhaye” - Numaid Best song I remembered: jise log kehte hain hindustan hai yehi apne khwabon ka pyara jahan hai kai majhabon ka yahan pe nishan hai ye hindustan hai ye hindustan hai allah ishwar tero naam

Taare Zameen Par: !!Tare Zameen Par = Tears + Zabardast Performance!

Most of the stories are far from perfection and raise questions like if it had gone this way or that way, it would have been better. Very few stories impressively leave hard imprint on mind so softly that it remains for years as fresh as the first ray of sunlight. These stories do not die down with the time, do not lose impact, don’t gather dust, are total positive and tell about some force and power that is still unseen and untouched, even if it has been seen and touched it can not be felt in such a manner that can clearly be transformed into words. It can be felt more by heart by leaving mind stunned for few moments and can be explained or worded more through tears and silence.

“Taare Zameen Par…” is one such story. The story has one hero till intermission and that is a small child of around 8-9 years. After intermission it has two heroes but the new hero is just a support. The main hero remains the child throughout.Aamir Khan emerges as a stronger director with a soft role for himself in the movie. Aamir the Director has performed excellently by not letting Aamir the actor to dominate over the story. The role of the boy “Ishaan” performed so perfectly by “Darsheel Safary” as if he has a high degree in acting from an esteemed institute with ample years of experience in cinema. Or the whole credit goes to the director who selected the right boy to deliver the right message. The story is for all – for kids, teachers, parents, guardians, to be parents and youth. Ishaan’s father has high expectations from his two sons. Ishan’s mother understands Ishan’s problem but is unable to do much to improve the situation. Ishan’s elder brother keeps motivating Ishan. Ishan studies in 3rd standard in school and is suffering from a disease Dyslexia. One who is suffering is not able to correlate alphabets and words with their actual picture and shapes, gets confused with multiple instructions (how so ever simple they may be), can’t fix shoe laces or shirt buttons properly.

In a way every one on this earth is imperfect in one way or the other. Ishaan is unable to explain his problem as he himself is not able to understand. He only could understand that he is different from other normal children. Others are unable to understand what is the actual problem of Ishaan and how to cope with it except one person who by chance comes into his life and handles the problem in his own way in such a manner that Ishaan gets transformed so swiftly into a problem free child. This person is Ishaan’s temporary Drawing teacher who not only decides to fight with Ishaan’s problem and win over it but also decides to make others understand…

Gandhi My Father: Rich (Poor) Dad Poor (Poor) Son

More sequels to come (disclaimer: purely as per my imagination):Gandhi my sonGandhi my BrotherGandhi my Father II, III and IV (on Gandhi and his second, third and youngest son relationships respectively)
And so on
Cast: Akshay Khanna (Harilal), rest don’t remember although acting by Gulab, Ba and Mohandas is excellent.
Movie – Overall: Sets, Dialogues, Makeup and performances are excellent. As far as direction and production is concerned, they carry Anil Kapoor marks as his presence in direction is quite visible although his name does not appear Direction.
Story, my take: What about the story? What is the purpose of this story? Story in short is about a fight of ideologies of Harilal Gandhi (who is Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi’s eldest son) with his father Mohandas Gandhi. It is about the struggles of Harilal Gandhi with himself, with his incapabilities to choose right path for himself, with his unstable character. But I wonder that although the contents of the movie are filmed excellently but what was the intent or purpose of this movie – this movie is not a motivating theme, did Anil Kapoor want to show Gandhi as an incapable Father, or Harilal as incapable son, ok even if Harilal was an incapable son, what message does the movie transmit?
StoryHarilal is the eldest son of Gandhi. Gandhi is popular worldwide and is practicing barrister at South Africa. Harilal is matric fail and wants to become a lawyer like his father. He marries with Gulab at Gujarat, India. He moves alone to South Africa to live with his father and persuade him to help him in completing his matric and then learn law. His father sends his cousin on sponsorship to study law in London. Gandhi (father) is highly idealist and treat all people equal and at par, no preference even to his own family. Harilal goes to jail as Gandhi wanted him to do so. Hari goes back to India, starts business, lends money, loses all his money and business, creates bad name in the society, starts drinking heavily. His wife Gulab leaves him and takes away the children with her to her parent’s house.  Mohandas and Kastur come back to India, try to straighten up the life of Hari but of no use. He starts going to bad women. Hari gets converted to a Muslim and changes his name to Abdullah. He gets caught by police as he along with some other badly drunk miscreants is troubling people on the road. Hari gets bailed out, his mother comes and persuades him to return back to Hinduism, he does, but still is pathless and directionless. India gets independence, Gandhi is now a bigger name. Some businessmen convince Hari that if he allows them to use his name (in turn they wanted to use the Gandhi family name) in their business, they will pay him for this. He does it, loses again and starts running here and there. ultimately he falls ill (weak soul, weak mind, weak heart and finally weak body) and gets admitted to a hospital. All the story is in flashback as he gets admitted in hospital right in the start and then remembers the sequences happened in his life.
Unanswered Conclusion: rather some questions: Was Mohandas not able to devote enough time to his family? Was Kastur paying too much attention to Mohandas that she failed in understanding his sons? We are told only about Hari in this movie, what about Gandhi’s other three sons, did they also lost track in their life, did they also complained about their father not fathering properly? Was Hari not able to absorb and digest his father’s fame? Was he jealous with his father’s success? Did this become the main reason of his failures? Was Hari more focused in analyzing between right and wrong and thus failed to act in his life? Was Hari too much driven by others and his father too much self driven? Was Mohandas too good, selfless, honest and truthful and that became the cause of conflict between him and Hari? Was Hari wrong in going to his father in need of help? Was Mohandas right in not giving his son what he was expecting? Was Mohandas as successful father as a person, human being and lawyer? Was Mohandas not too idealistic? Was Hari over expecting from his father? Was Mohandas as Father was incapable of delivering? Was Hari right in not building his career and keep on taking money from his father for his day to day living? Was Kastur not the major cause of this conflict? Was Kastur’s main role to keep her husband happy without bothering or understanding anybody else in the family? Was Kastur too helpless and Mohandas too adamant that even after both of them understood the strengths and weaknesses of Hari they did not do anything and left everything on himself?
Do find out answers to above questions.

Dhoom 2: ~Jo~Pyar~karte~hain~vo~ja an~nahi~lete~

Hrithik looks gorgeous, handsome, heart-throb, perfectionist, intelligent, total positive attitude and gregarious
Abhiskek looks subdued, trying to copy Big B’s attitude, not natural at times, a little sadist as he is not able to put his hands on “A”
Aishwarya is glam girl, but still looks more like a wax doll rather than a real.
Bipasha sparks
Uday entertains
Dhoom 2 is from Yash Chopra Production house, produced by Uday Chopra and directed by Sanjay Gandhvi

Hawa muthi mein hai aur aasmaan hai kadamon ke neecheMeri Parchai na choo sakne ka ranj kaafi hai tumahre liyeEgypt: “A” the Aryan. Aryan bole to Hrithik Roshan
Entry 1: “A” is a hi-sci international thief who believes in himself. He is capable of doing anything, anywhere, anytime. Queen is traveling with her family under high security in a train with her jeweled crown. After dinner Queen gets into her high security compartment and takes away her crown. Hang on folks! this is not Queen, this is “A”, disguise, resembling same like Queen. Then there is a beautiful sequence of fight between “A” and the securitymen of Queen. If you can see skies in it. somebody in skies can see it. and the next moment it is gone is what is told by the Queen to her Guards.
Goa, India: Ali. Ali bole to Uday Chopra
Entry 2: Ali is a tapori, bindaas and brave Cop (Sub-Inspector) having a marvellous Hinglish working with Mumbai Police. He disguises and goes to a gang for the supply of Cocaine. He throws down his I-Card to indicate that he is a cop and starts arguing with them and the comes Jai.
Goa, India: Jai Dixit. Jai bole to Abhiskeh BacchhanEntry 3: Jai is a police officer working with Mumbai Police. His wife Sweety (Rimi Sen) is pragnant. He comes in a stylish manner and saves Ali.
Bipasha Basu – bole to ACP Shonali Bose
Entry 4: ACP Shonali Bose is on a special mission to Mumbai HQs.  To join Jai and Ali for catching Aryan who is in Mumbai with a mission. Shonali is an old college mate of Jai and she used to like Jai during college days.
Aishwarya Rai bole to Sunehri:
Entry 5: She is a small timer thief and is a big fan of Aryan. She falls in love with Aryan, and she acts as a double cross agent for Jai. Ultimately she finds Aryan an honest person and Jai as not a straightforward person. finally she had to decide whom she has to be with – an honest thief or a self centred police officer.

Songs are good, stunts are marvellous. Bipasha has another entry in another role as Monali. Sunehri falls in love with Aryan, Aryan too falls or not, Jai and Ali are able to catch Aryan or not… if you have not watched this movie. Do watch it, it is worth watching. Full enjoyment.
The movie definitely beats any similar style hollywood movie. The disguised makeup of Aryan are extra ordinary. It is a story of guts and glory, trust and distrust, love and war. The confidence in Hrithik’s acting is at peak as usual.

Fool N Final: ~~~Dhai~kilo~ka~haath~~~

Known Kalakaars: Shahid Kapoor: Raja/ RahulSharmila Tagore: Rahul’s mother/ Om Puri’s wifeOm Puri: Rahul’s father/ Sharmila Tagore’s Husband/ Munna’s elder brotherSunny Deol: Munna/ Om Puri’s younger brother/ Rahul’s uncleViveik Oberoi: LuckyChunky Pandey: RockyAsrani: Lalwani/ Choksey’s Sindhi BrotherAyesha Takia: TinaParesh Rawal: ChaubeyJohny Lever: Puttu Pilot/Taxi DriverGulshan Grover: Choksey/ Lalwani’s Gujrati Brother/ Rocky’s fatherArbaz Khan: Mosco ChiknaSameera Reddy: ??forgot??Jackie Shroff: Gun Master G9
Unknown kalakaars: JD Seth/ Don/ Boxing Better
Hajmola – name of the dog of Chaubey
Location: Dubai
Kahani: Rahul (Sharmila Tagore’s son) died a couple of years back in a road accident. Sharmila Tagore who was with her at the time of accident got injured and is being treated in the hospital. She keeps on asking about Rahul, as she is unaware about his death. Munna saw Raju who appears same like Rahul. Raju is a thief by profession. Munna requests Raju to meet Sharmila Tagore as Rahul. Raju asks for regular money to do it regularly. He meets Sharmila Tagore, tells her that he is working for a very big export house and that is why would be coming home once a month or so. Raju has partnered with Chaubey to assist him in small time thefts. Raju is in love with Chaubey’s daughter Tina. Om Puri who runs a garage where he sells stolen cars knows about Raju’s reality. Munna is shown as a very powerful man. Sameera Reddy comes to Dubai for a job but when she reaches there she comes to know that she has been cheated. Sharmila Tagore offers her to stay at their home.
Lucky brings a tall 7 feet man (who is very strong and never faces defeat in Boxing) to JD who organizes Boxing matches and prompts people for betting. That is his business. JD comes to know about Munna and wants him to fight for him in the Boxing ring and win or loose as per his instructions.
Rocky who is coming from India with a stolen invaluable diamond to sell it in Dubai becomes the target of many for that diamond. Now a hunt starts for the diamond with Raja, Chaubey, Puttu Pilot and Tina on one hand, Gun Master G9, Choksey and Lalwani on the other hand. Similar other groups are there for the hunt.
Finally who gets the diamond and what is done with it? Watch it out!

Saaransh:If you have a little appetite, if you believe in yoga, or jogging, or walking (even brisk walking), or kite flying, or bird watching or tv watching or listening to radio or reading light books, or are MS member this movie is for you as the movie is totally reverse and it contains Heavy fighting (minimum dhai kilo ka haath and above), Sprinting, fast forward…
Acting is ok as is the direction. Story keeps you engaged throughout, strangles you, relieves you again holds you tight. Every one has done his part well. Not much to do for some. Too much crowded, too many sailors on the ship.

Good Boy Bad Boy: ~~A~Failed~Attempt~~

Analysis:Had it been a village school instead of a college in a modern city, had all the good and bad boys (and girls) of this school be all in their early teens with knickers and shirts, socks and shoes, no socks only shoes, the story would have well fitted in that scenario. But it does not fit at all, with the ideas drawn from a kkkkk series star serial where any thing can be fit anywhere.

Story:New principal (Paresh Rawal) joins in, in a very poor state of college, where nothing is in place. Studies, sports, curricular activities, nowhere college is doing any good. Principal decides to do something drastically to improve the situation and for that he decides to design different sections in the college – A section will comprise of brilliant chaps, B section will consist of average ones and C section will hold the below average ones. Tusshaar is a briiliant boy (our good boy) and secures always more than 90% and Hashmi is below average. So logically Tusshaar is entitled for A section and Hashmi for the C section. But coincidentally both of them have the same initials R Malohtra (good boy is Rajan and bad boy is Raju). The pictures on their I-cards are interchanged while pasting on their I cards by the college staff and hence the good boy goes in C section and bad by comes in A section. How funny! as if only the I-card is the criteria of identifying the actual person.
Raju and Rajan are expert in dance and quiz respectively and both the names are sent for an inter college competition in dance and general knowledge quiz. Since both identities were interchanged Raju instead of dance has to participate in the quiz and Rajan has to participate in Dance. Both are totally blank in these fields. Both go to principal and disclose their identities for the sake of avoiding this but Principal refuses and challenges them to face the situation.
What next – assume – no need to watch this weak threaded story with poor acting, direction, script.

Further Analysis:Imagine a college where the students had no identity cards – before this principal joined. This can happen only in a remote village primary school. Imagine there is complete chaos, no system in place and still college has students (even good boys also exist there in such a pathetic situation) and performing/functioning.

Conclusion:The story if strongly woven could have been a good example for HR, marketing and sales people in corporate word to show how – when the ego/ conscious of a person is shaken – can do what he thinks as impossible. To show bad is bad only till he accepts himself and is not aware of the good inside lying within untouched, inactive. To show that transformations are possible, only you need to focus and realize (which is difficult) or to understand, analyze and make Bad realize (which is rare)

Final verdict:The intent of the movie/story is good which is spoiled by the content/presentation/script/loose threaded story.

Aap Ka Surroor: ~~~~Innocuous~~~~

Best moments:The hall was almost full (all conies and stalls)
The moment movie started the complete stalls were full of high volume whistles, I think it never happened ever in any of the Amitabh’s movies
Every time when Reshmayya is shown on the screen, same volume of whistling happened
Every time when a song started, the first drop of music again collected huge volume of whistles and shouting.
People were thrilled and over joyous and tempo remained throughout
A very sincere and innocent effort (or successful projection) at HRs end in his very first movie
Equally simple projection by the new girl Hansikaa Motwani. Remember the child artist a couple of years back in TV serials – “Sanjana” in “Shakalaka Boom Boom” and “Tina” in “Des mein nikla hoga chaand”.
Free tour of Germany (Europe looks more or less the same be it Holland, Belgium, France, UK, or Germany – I mean the building architecture, houses, roads, streets)
Don’t miss Reshmaiya’s dance (he did it for almost 60 seconds)
Mallika Shehrawat can act too!

Alarming moments:The person sitting in the next row in front of me was totally drunk and was throwing bouts of gulped alcohol smell in the air, although he was with his wife, son and daughter. Pity on the father of two visible children, husband of a visible wife and himself, how could he afford to drink so heavily and still maintain to get into the theatre.

Sinking moments:Germany is the location chosen and huge crowd of Indians (of all ages) is shown in the shows of HR, but I am sure there are not so many Indians in Germany and Germans do not bother to attend concerts of HRs from India. (may be Indian classical they might be liking)
The German police has been shown as worst than Indian police which is practically impossible

Movie/Story/analysis etc.:The story is a suspense musical thriller (or supposed to be), lyrics is good from Sameer, and better than the music by HR himself. But still the songs are already hit among the Y-gen and movie is doing good in Delhi (don’t know about other places but among 4 movies released last Friday – 3 hindi and 1 english – this one is on the top as per sales records). The hero is different from other heroes – no chocolate face, no kisser, no dancer, no action, no dhai kilo ka haath, not smart like hrithik and khans, but still has something that will keep him stay in his forthcoming movies, one is his unique voice while singing (the nasal maestro), his different style of acting and dialogue delivery and his simplicity. Motwani had not much to do, she is not a beauty icon, had not much to do except displaying her peculiar style of smiling frequently, make sad face and cry at times. But at such a young age if she could do it in a good way, her acting skills can be polished and improvised in times to come.
An Indian Pop Singer comes to Germany for a series of stage performances organized by and event managing organization. Here he meets an indo/german girl Nadia who is working as a reporter for a TV channel and is daughter of a senior retired german cop (an Indian in german police) – Raj Babbar. HR meets 3 more persons also – one – the owner of his events organization which is claimed to be the largest event organizing firm. Second – a lawyer cum party fish – mallika shehrawat, and third his events manager – Ria. He falls in love with Ria, Lawyer falls in love with him, Ria’s father does not like HR to be his son-in-law as he thinks that the people in show biz are not real and having good character. Ultimately with his simplicity HR convinces Ria’s father and he is ready to marry his daughter with him. Then all of a sudden just after a grand performance on stage by HR, as he is coming out, he is caught by German Police for killing Nadia. Why did he kill Nadia? Did he? Or Lawyer? Or somebody else? He is jailed but decides to prove himself innocent! How? And he is short of time as Ria’s father is marrying her in next 48 hours…

Watch it, its different...