Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Movie Review: Malaamaal Weekly: Mera Hissa Kahan Gaya?

Priyadarshan Priyadarshan has his own style of filming his concepts. Like Hrishi Da, Amol Palekar and Guru Dutt, his is a unique style of presenting humor and satire. He starts slow, set you in a right frame of mind magically and then makes you laugh and roll over your seat without leaving the message he wants to pass on. The movie gets a touch of “Jaane bhi do Yaron” D'Mello touch with Anthony. Priyadarshan has the capability of Generating Humor. Kudos to the makeup crew for the makeup of Paresh Rawal.

Frontend Crew Om Puri (Balwant) , Paresh Rawal (Lilaram) and Rajpal Yadav (Bajey) did a marvelous piece of acting as they are always a class apart while Asrani, Shakti Kapoor, Sudha Chandran (Thakurani Karamkali), Ritesh Deshmukh (Kanhyaiya), Rima Sen (Sukhmani) were okay enough to fill in the slots. Arbaz Khan as a Lottery Verification Inspector was good to do his part and Naseeruddin Shah was part of the movie as a Narrator.

Storyline There has been no rain the village and all the properties of the villagers are under debt with Thakurani in lieu of small amounts of money they took from her. And she is smart enough to grab those properties forever once she has it. Lilaram is the only educated person in the village but not smart enough to contain a good job, hence starts selling lotteries to maker his earnings. Last year was good for him as somebody to whom he sold the lottery got Rs. 500/- prize and hence Lilaram got 10% of commission as a rule. Asrani’s son Kanhaiya works as a servant for free at Balwant’s house just because he loves his daughter Sukhmani. Bajey is a lafanga brother of Thakurani who has nothing to do except teasing young girls of the village. Balwant is owning some buffaloes and is a milk seller in the village. Lila gets a shock when he come to know that this week’s bumper price of Rs. 1 crore goes to the one of the persons who bought ticket from him. Since for years he is selling lotteries and there has been no big prize, he plant to grab the full prize money by grabbing the lottery instead of 10% of commission. 

He plans to throw a party to call all the lottery ticket holders and have the party by depositing their tickets to him. For this he has to sell off his goat (Gattu) to Karamkali. All come but one person who owns the first prize ticket. Lila assumes that the person has come to know about the prize and hence did not turn up. He checks his records and gets to know that it is the drunkard Anthony who got that ticket. He goes to Anthony’s house to find him dead out of the shock of getting a Crore. But before dying he made a number of phone calls to create all laughter and curiosity what happened afterwards. After many turns and twists movie ends with a happy note.

Views and Opinion MW is a neat and clean comedy with an original story and perfect direction. Makeup and Acting of Paresh Rawal is 10 out of 10, and he being the main centre of the story alongwith Om puri gave a steady momentum to the movie.

Conclusion, Message
1. Some Rich people do not care about grabbing other (Poor’s) money by unethical ways. Whereas Poor is afraid and helpless to do the same. 
2. when hard work fails and you are living hand to mouth, you start looking at other means to get quick money out of frustration 
3. even if you are getting money in an unethical manner and you take care of people around you, you are less prone to failure. 
4. Never let your “Peace of Mind”, “Family Life” and “Harmony” go away at the cost of urge for “Money”, “Money” and “Money” Overall a good movie to watch I will request readers who have watched this movie to pass on any other messages this movie tries to convey.

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