Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Movie Review: Zinda: A Movie That Forces You To THINK

Last of all a movie with a purpose. A purpose to force you to think. To think about the purpose of living, suffering.  A purpose to think about the difference between good and bad. 

A small cunning act done in school to show heroism and to impress friends could take somebody’s life, nobody thought. that small act will force that girl’s younger bro to make only one aim of life - not to take revenge from the person whose act forced his sis to suicide (a revenge is easier and quicker) but to make him realize the impact of that small act that changed everything in that girl’s life. 

Had John Abraham decided to take revenge, he would have really sold Sanjay Dutt’s daughter instead of saving her in the last, that proves that he wanted to make Sanjay realize rather than take the revenge. the purpose itself increases the weightage of movie manifolds. The small act done by Sanjay in the school days that forced the girl to kill herlself, than changed her bro’s life and ultimately the life of the software engineer who had forgotten everything that had happened as a blow of a wind and was working in a company in Hong Kong as successful software engineer, happily married and his beautiful wife going to give birth to a child.

The direction has been at best in this movie, may be because it is a reproduction of a well - made award winning movie (made in some other language in which the reason of revenge was different than this movie). I don't remember when last this type of movie was made in Bollywood. Another movie that bind me last was ’’Black’’ where direction, acting, theme everything was extremely at best.


  1. Oldboy - Korean film :-) ... Oldboy was a lot more graphic and I don't think our films can be that progressive in their thought process just yet.