Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Movie: Kabul Express: ~~Serious Theme~~Light Presentation~~

My Understanding and Conclusions:Taliban reign is over in Afghanistan. Talibs are hiding, running nook and corner, hiding and saving their face as the public is against them openly. Public is no more frightened of them. Talibs are beaten upto death wherever they are found as there are only handful of them survived in the scattered form with no group and no real leader left. Many of Talibs are actually Pakis Military men sent by Pak Government with fake Afghani/Talib identities. But now Pak Government too is turning their back to their own men who want to save their life and want to return back to Pakistan. The movie very clearly shows the double face/standards of Pakistan Government. Now under the pressure of US, Pakistan is refusing to allow the leftover those Talibs who are actually Pakistani Army men. US planes can be seen every minute surveying the border areas of Afghanistan and Pakistan. The border is being sealed. Pak Army is ordered that anyone approaching the border from the other side is to be shot at sight after initial warnings. The general at border declares that the government has declared (to US and the world) that there are no Pakistanis in Afghanistan as Talibs and hence no one is to be allowed to cross border into Pakistan. Even Afghanis hate Talibs as they find them responsible for all the sufferings of Afghanis for all these years.
The movie is made on a lighter note but with a serious theme. It could have been made more classic, brutal, serious, and realistic but still it is a very good effort, different from other movies, most of which are themeless. The momentum and curiosity is maintained very beautifully throughout and every moment one will be curious what is going to happen next.

Special effects:
Indian duo looked missionless and more into comedy acts
US lady reporter looked smarter than Indian duo
Afghani driver looked very serious and had more hatred towards Talib
Talib (Pakistani) gentleman looked humane

The Story:
This is a story of five persons.
An Indian reporter and an Indian photographer go on a mission to Afghanistan to interview any leftover Talibs.A US reporter too is there on the same mission.The two Indians are able to get a local Afghani to help them in their mission. Aghani man hates Talibs and holds them responsible for all the poverty and destabilization in Afghanistan.A Pakistani Soldier who was sent by his Chief to be in Afghanistan to join with Talibs who are killing local innocent Afghanis and destabilizing Afghanistan for last many years.
They all by accident are bound to travel in a jeep when the Pakistani Talib forces them on a gun point to drive him upto Pakistani Border where he will be able to cross the border and get into his country. The human behavior is very well shown during this journey regarding love and hate. The end is beyond expectation and imagination with two acts – one, Indian duo save Pak Talib from Afghan Police to run away and cross border and second, Pakistan Army killing this Pak Talib when he approached the border.

Overall this movie can be described in three simple words: Documentary, Comedy and Serious Theme.

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