Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Movie Review: Main Aisa Hi Hoon: An Emotional Movie

Like in life it is a fights between good and bad, right and wrong, logic and illogic, money and emotions, big and small, power and weak. if you want to have some dance numbers and a big fight (dhisum dhisum), this movie is not for you. The story is about a man Neel working in a restaurant having brain of 7 years old. who talks only about good and love, all positive. He has a daughter Gungun, who loves him and understands him. Then he has around half a dozen of people around him with whom he lives and shares. They all too love him and understand him. 

Esha Deol was a daughter of a very rich man (Anupan Kher) who lives in a foreign country. He has given every thing to his daughter except emotional bondings and love. Esha leaves her house and comes to India. here probably story gets lost here, accidentally the girl (Esha) starts living with Neel (Ajay Devgan), look something illogical, gets fascinated towards him and ultimately declares she is pregnant during a song. 

She gives birth to Gungun (a child role played excellently), and vanishes. Gungun has started going to school when all of a sudden Anupam Kher (Esha's father and Gungun's Grandfather) appears from foreign to take Gungun with him. He hires a lawyer and files a case against Neel in the court to get his grand-daughter.  Esha sent a letter to her father before 

She dies by over-dosing of drugs. in her letter she tells him that she never got love from him and no emotional attachment. She tells her father that in india she has her family who need his attention and care (husband and daughter). but anumap kher has no intentions of taking neel with him. He just wants to take gungun with him to his country. Richa (Sushmita Sen), a divorced lawyer living with her son is busy in work and office. She has attachment with her son but her son feels that she is very busy and has no time for him. He runs away from home and Neel finds him, gets friendly to him and brings him back to his home. Richa decides to fight for Neel in the court and was about to loose the case when in last moment she decides to marry Neel and hence judge has to take a decision in favour of Neel. a happy ending, a win of love over hate.

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