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Album: Aahat - Pankaj Udhas: Pankaj Udhas@his Best

Aahat” is Pankaj Udhas’ first album which was released in 1980. Aahat means sound. Probably by naming his first album as “Aahat”, Pankaj Udhas tried others to recognize the sound ( “aahat”) of his style, voice and choice. Whether people like his voice or not, his selection of ghazals that he sings has been always good and equally good are titles of his albums, although he sounds monotonous and short of versatility in his voice. In this album he has sung all the numbers very sincerely, innocently and differently (and first time any person tried to deliver in that manner!). Best thing is the lyrics of all these numbers is superb and have been sung very well according to the theme of the lyrics. Lyrics being so strong, I would love to write the meaning of each of the numbers of this album…, so here we go…
1.Ab to insaan ko insaan This is a complaint on what actually is happening today in politics, life, everywhere. Just read it and you may understand what this number wants to convey, and just listen to it to get the taste of pain through his voice.
Ab to insaan ko insaan banaya jaaye, ya koi aur hi bhagwaan banaya jaye - either make human being a human being else let us recreate another God. Shareeke jurm yahan har kisi ka chehra hai, kiska insaaf yahan kis se karaya jaye, ab to insaan ko… - everyone here is involved in wrongdoings, then who will give justice to whom?
Rehnuma khud ko sabhi paak saaf kehte hain, aaina kisko yahan kaise dikhaya jaye, ab to insaan ko… - everybody claims himself to be innocent, how to show the mirror so that one realizes what all wrongdoings he is involved in.
Log chup chup ke yahan roz bika karte hain, shart hai maul ko chup chaap chukaya jaye, ab to insaan ko… - people sell themselves everyday here, only condition is that you make the payments silently without anyone else knowing about it.
2. Kehta hai kaun Kehta hai kaun pyaar ki tabeer chahiye, ankhon ke saamne teri tasveer chahiye - who says that the love in between us has to materialize, I can spend my life just by keeping your picture in front of my eyes.
3. Kaise kah doon Kaise keh doon ke mulaqat nahi hoti hai, roz milte hain magar baat nahi hoti hai – how can I say that we don’t meet everyday, although we pass through each other everyday but without any talk taking place.
Aap lilah na dekha karein aaina kabhi, dil ka aa jaan buri baat nahi hoti hai – you, for god sake don’t look into the mirror else you will fall in love with yourself (being so beautiful)
Jab bhi milte hain to kehte hain ki kaise ho muneer, iske aage to koi baat nahi hoti hai – every time when we meet, you just ask how am I, and that's all, after this we don't talk anything else.
4.Tera uljha hua daman Tera uljha hua daaman meri uljhan to nahi, jo tere dil mein hai shayad meri dhadkan to nahi – your strangled clothes are reflecting the fight of your emotions inside, and the beats of your heart are actually mine.
5.Tum aaye zindagi mein to Tum aaye zindagi mein to barsaat ki tarah, Aur chal diye to jaise khuli raat ki tarah, tum aaye … you came into my life like rain drops and went away like a night passes by slowly into a morning and nobody can stop it.
Baatein rahin adhuri, bichadna pada hamein, Tha yeh bhi itfaak mulakat ki tarah, tum aaye … we could not complete our expressions/talks and we departed, this separation was also a coincidence like the coincidence of our meeting
Shehnai ke suron mein tha maatam ka shor kyun, Sapne to aaye neend mein baarat ki tarah, tum aaye … in between the music of happiness why it seems that there is a music of mourning, i could feel happiness only in my dreams that too momenterily.
Hum bhi to muntzir hain ke, kuch zindagi mile, Aao hamare dil mein bhi zajbaat ki tarah, tum aaye … I also seek some life, why don't you come into my heart like a feeling/emotion.
Ye to kaho ke ahad kiya tha rahenge saath, Ab kyun badal bhi jaate ho haalat ki tarah, tum aaye … atleast admit that you had promised to live together with me, then why have you changed like circumstances.
6. Suraj ki har kiran teri... Music Director: Manhar
Lyricst: Sheikh Adam Abuwala
Suraj ki har kiran teri surat pe vaar doon, Dojakh ko chaahata hoon ki jannat pe vaar doon - I name every ray of Sun in my life for you.
Itni si hai tasalli ki hoga muqabila, Dil kya hai, jaan bhi apni qayamat pe vaar doon, dojakh ko - atleast competition will be there, not to say about heart, I will sacrifice my life to that extreme moment of life.
Ek khawab tha jo dekh liya neend mein kabhi, Ek neend hai jo teri mohabbat pe vaar doon, dojakh ko… I dreamt in my sleep sometime, but I am ready to sacrifice my sleeps for your love.
'Aadam' haseen neend milegi kahan mujhe, Phir kyon na zindgani ko turbat pe vaar doon, dojakh ko… where will I get a beautiful sleep, they why not I sacrifice my life on you
7. Todna toote hue dil kaMusic Director: Pankaj Udhas
Lyricst: Muneer
Todna toote hue dil ka bura hota hai, Jiska koi nahin uska to khuda hota hai, - it is not good to break a heart which is already broken, the one who has nobody in life has god
Maang kar tumse khushi loon, mujhe manjoor nahin, Kiska maangi hui daulat se bhala hota hai, jiska koi … I don’t accept that I should beg for happiness from you, who is happy with anything that he receives in begging from others.
Log nahak kisi majboor ko kehte hain bura, Aadmi achche hain par waqt bura hota hai, jiska koi … people unnecessarily blame a person who is helpless, nobody is bad but has a bad time
Kyun Muneer apni tabahi ka ye kaisa shikwa, Jitna taqdeer main likha hai ada hota hai, jiska koi … why have a complaint on your failures, whatever has been written in destiny is delivered.

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  1. Thank you for this trip down a lovely memory lane, its been so long since I caught good music like this.