Saturday, August 10, 2013

Movie Review: Chennai Express: Big Names Short of Ideas And Delivery

Big names associated with Chennai Express like Rohit Shetty, Shahrukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, Yo Yo Honey Singh etc. fail to create a magic in this movie. First of all it is not clear if the movie is meant for Hindi knowing audience or Tamil. Lot of Tamil dialogues are there in the movie where movie watchers will have no idea and they keep guessing.

Lot of masala has been tried by Rohit Shetty in an effort to draw attention from masses.  Songs, story, dialogues, script - none though are can be called as excellent. Story is quite weak and theme of the movie is light entertainment. Story is about a
Tamil girl (Deepika Padukone) who is running from her home as her father is forcing her to marry with a boy of his choice which she is not interested in. On the same train (Chennai Express) you will find Shahrukh Khan who has planned to get down at Goa though he has promised his grandmother that he is going to Rameshwaram to disperse remains of his grandfather who died recently, in the sea there. Though he promised his grandmother the same but is not serious about it and has planned to go to Goa along with his friends and enjoy there for some time.

But finding Deepika in the same train changes his plans and he decides travel ahead in the same train instead of getting down at Goa. Gradually they fall in love, and next big task for Shahrukh is to convince Deepika's father to allow him to marry with her.

The train in no way is express. It is slower than any slowest of the train. You will have a big fight in deciding which half was more boring, and slower too. Go with a 100% risk to watch this movie. It may totally spoil your mood if you go with some expectations from this movie.


  1. I hate masala movies.. especially with over the top actions and obscure sing-dance sequences… why can’t there be more of proper and sensible movies… more social and intellectual!

    1. Thats true. probably producer's choice is to milk the cow (audience) as much as possible by giving such nonsense stuff rather than making thought provoking sensible movies.